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List of 100+Antonyms

Get Free 100+ Antonyms list  Antonyms-meaning of one word an opposite word such as good opposite of bad,accept-reject, admire, despise etc. so that, It is most important to aspirant for government and private exams such as SSC, Bank, Railway, Teacher One Day and Digital Marketing, Software Developer, Manager, Internet Marketing, Internation call center.

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Antonyms Example

Therefore, there are few antonyms example in below list:

Always- Never
Attach- Detach

Words Antonyms Words
Acknowledge (v) Deny, Disown
Accept (v) Reject
Abundance (n) Dearth
Absolute (adj) Limited
Admire (v) Despise
Alive (Adj) Death
Ancient (Adj) Modern
Abstain (v) Pursue
Absence (n) Presence
Abolish (v) Confirm
Abnormal (adj) Normal
Active (Adj) Inactive
Acquit (v) Convict
Advantage (n) Disadvantage
Abandon (v) Retain
Awkward (adj) Graceful
Alien (n) Native
Attentive (adj) Inattentive
Attract (v) Repel
Attack (n) Defend
Adversity (n) Prosperity
Affirm (v) Deny
Agree (v) Differ
Agreeable (Adj) Disagreeable
Allow(v) Disallow
Always(Adv) Never
Attach(v) Detach
Associate(v) Dissociate
Assemble(n) Disperse
Ascend(n) Descend
Arrival(n) Departue
Approach(n) Retreat
Appear(v) Disappear
Analysis Synthesis
Angel(n) Devil
Activity(n) Passivity
Ample Scanty
Armament(n) Disarmament
Awareness Ignorance
Acquire(v) Forfeit
Bad(adj) Good
Barbarous(adj) Civilized
Barren(adj) Fertile
Breadth(n) Length
Back(adj) Front
Background(n) Foreground
Backward(adj) Forward, Advanced, Bold
Badly(adj) Well
Balance(n) Difference, Uncertainty, Instability
Balk(n) Accept, Assist
Ban(v) Allow, Sanction
Banish(v) Admit, Accept, Welcome
Bankrupt(n) Solvent
Bare(n) Clothed, Embellished
Barely(adj) Fully
Base(n) Top, Apex
Bashful(adj) Bold, Confident Forward
Basic(Adj) Secondary, Supplementary
Bastard(n) Unscoundrel
Battle(n) Peace, Truce
Bear(v) Give up, Abandon
Bearable(adj) Unbearable, Intolerable, Insufferable
Beaten(adj) Victorious, Successful
Beautiful(adj) Ugly, Hideous
Becoming(n) Unbecoming, Improper, Inappropriate
Beefy(adj) Scrawny, Pun
Before (adj) After, Behind
Begin(v) Finish, End, Stop
Beginner(n) Expert, Veteran
Behind(prep) Infront, Ahead
Being(n) Nothingness, Oblivion
Believable(adj) Unbelievable, Incredible
Believe(vt) Doubt, Disbeliever
Believer(n) Agnostic, Sceptic, Disbeliever
Belittle(v) Praise, Exaggerate, Magnify
Below/Beneath Above, Over,
Bend(v) Straighten
Benificial (adj) Disadvantageous
Benifit(n) Detriment
Benefit(v) Damage, Injure
Callous(adj) Kind, Compassionate
Callow(adj) Experienced, Sophisticated
Calm(v) Agitate, Stir
Calm(adj) Stormy, Excited, Frantic
Cancel(v) Confirm
Candid(adj) Secretive, Guarded, Equivocal
Canny(adj) Careless, Foolish
Capacious(adj) Narrow, Small, Cramped
Capricious(adj) Stable, Consistent, Constant
Capture(v) Free, Liberate
Care(n) Happiness, Neglect
Carefree(adj) Anxious, Worried, Miserable
Careful(adj) Careless, Inattentive, Extravagant
Catch(v) Drop, Lose, Release
Catholic(adj) Limited, Narrow
Cause(n) Effect, result
Cautious(adj) Incautious, Careless, Reckless,
Cease(v) Start, Begin, Commence
Celebrated(adj) Unknown, Obscure, Unsung
Celebrity(n) Obscurity
Celibacy(n) Marriage, Promiscuty
Censure(v) Praise, Approve, Commend
Certain(adj) Uncertain, Unsure, Indefinite
Certainty(adj) Uncertainty, Doubt
Chance(n) Design, Certainty
Change(v) Retain, Stay
Changeable(adj) Unchangeable, Constant, Variable
Characteristic(adj) Uncharacteristic, Untypical, Unusual
Charge(v) Absolve, Acquit
Charitable(adj) Uncharitable, Unkind
Charm(v) Repel, Alienate
Charming(adj) Disgusting, Repulsive
Chaste(adj) Promiscuous, Immoral
Chastise(v) Praise, Reward
Chastity(n) Promiscuty, Immorality
Cheap(adj) Expensive, Highclass, Admirable
Cheek(v) Neglect, Ignore, Start, Release
Cheerful(adj) Sad, cheerless, Dull, Unwilling
Cherish(v) Abandon, Neglect
Damage(v) Repair, Improve
Dangerous(adj) Safe, harmless
Daring(adj) Cowardly, Cautious
Dark(adj) Light, Fair, Cheerful
Darken(adj) Lighten, Brighten
Daunt(v) Encourage, Hearten
Dawn(v) Dusk, end
Dead(adj) Live, Alive, living, Lively
Deaf(adj) Headful, Attentive
Dear(adj) Worthless, Disagreeable, Cheap
Dearth(n) Abundance, Surfeit
Death(n) Life, Birth
Decadent(adj) Prosperous, Moral, Virtuous
Decay(v) Thrive, Flourish, Prosper
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