Also, this is a most important English Grammar Noun and Gender for Competitive Exams Such as Bank, SSC, Railway and One Day Exam.

Gender- The Noun which denotes male or female sex is called gender.

As: Horse, Dog, Ox, father– To Denotes Male Sex

Mare, Bitch, Cow, Mother– To Denotes Female Sex

Gender Types:

  • Masculine Gender
  • Feminine Gender
  • Common Gender
  • Neuter Gender
  • Masculine Gender-The Noun which denotes male sex is called Masculine Gender.

Example-Boy, Father, Brother,

  • Feminine Gender- The Noun which denotes female sex is called feminine gender.

Example: Girl, Mother, Sister etc.

  • Common Gender- The Noun which not denotes specify the sex but only indicates a living thing is called common gender.

Example: Baby, Student, Professor etc.

  • Neuter gender- The Noun which denotes a non-living object or thing with life is called Neuter Gender.

Example: Tree, Inkpot, Pen, table etc.

                                                        Noun and The Gender
Masculine Words Feminine Words
Nephew Niece
Husband Wife
Man Woman
Uncle Aunt
Brother Sister
Son Daughter
Sir Madam
Bachelor Maid, Spinster
Cow Hen
Bull Cow
Boar Sow
Dog Bitch
Monk Nun
King Queen
Widower Widow
Bridegroom Bride
Gentleman Lady
Lad Lass
Lover Beloved
Wizard Witch
Stag Hind
Papa Mamma
Lord Lady
Gander Goose
Earl Countess
Drake Duck
Colt Filly
Buck Doe
Fox Vixen
Raw Ewe
Horse Mare
Prince Princess
Lion Lioness
Poet Poetess
Heir Heiress
Author Authoress
Baron Baroness
Count Countess
Giant Giantess
Host Hostess
Jew Jewess
Manager Manageress
Mayor Mayoress
Patron Patroness
Peer Peeress
Priest Priestess
Prophet Prophetess
Shepherd Shepherdess
Steward Stewardess
Viscount Viscountess
Actor Actress
Master Mistress
Master Miss
Tiger Tigress
Emperor Empress
Benefactor Benefactress
Conductor Conductress
Enchanter Enchantress
Founder Foundress
Hinter Huntress
Instructor Instructress
Negro Negress
Precepter Preceptress
Songster Songstress
Tempter Temptress
Seamster Seamstress
Traitor Traitress
Waiter Waitress
Duke Duchess
Marquis Marchioness
Murderer Murdereress
Sorcerer Sorceress
Hero Heroine
Sultan Sultana
Administrator Administratrix
Executor Executrix
Testator Testatrix
Czar Czarina
Signor Signora
Milkman Milk-Maid
Grandfather Grand-mother
Land Lord Land-lady
Peacock Peak-hen
He Goat She-goat
He cat She-Cat
He-bear She bear
Man-Servant Maid-Servant
Washer-man Washer-woman
Bull-Calf Cow-Calf
Cock Sparrow Hen Sparrow
Jack-ass Jenny ass
Abbot Abbess
Drone Bee
Ox Cow
Brother-in-law Sister-in-law
Son-in-law Daughter-in-law
Step-son Step-Daughter
Step-father Step-mother
Step-Brother Step-Sister
Maternal-Uncle Maternal-Aunt
Maternal-grand-father Maternal-grand-mother
Bullock Heifer
Buck Doe
Hart Roe
Friar Nun
Swain Nymph
Ambassador Ambassadress
Governor Governess
Inspector Inspectress
God Goddess
Mr Mrs
School-master School-mistress
Beggar-man Beggar-woman
Great Uncle Great Aunt
Merman Mermaid
Prosecutor Prosecutri
Viceroy Vicereine
He-Buffalo She-buffalo
Dairy-man Dairy-maid
Director Directress
Votary Votaress
Boy-friend Girl-friend
Chairman Chair person
Spokesman Spokes Person
Father-in-law Mother-in-law
Bull calf Cow Calf
Bull Elephant Cow Elephant
States man States Woman
English man English woman
He-rabbit She-rabbit
Billy-goat Nanny-goat
Tom-cat Tabby-cat
He-ape She-ape
Fisher-man Fisher-woman, Fish wife
He-camel She Camel
He-Kangaroo She-Kangaroo
He-mule She-mule
He- hare She-hare
He-squirrel She-squirrel
He-rhinoceros She-rhinoceros
He-Panther She-Panther
He-mouse She-mouse
He-mole She-mole
Proprietor Proprietress
Male Female
Steer Steeress
Stallion Mare
He-zebra She-zebra
He-pony She-pony
Leopard Leopardess
He-mongoose She-Mongoose
He-monkey She-monkey
He-chimpanzee She-chimpanzee
He sheep She sheep, Ewe
He rat She rat
He-hyena She hyena
He hound She-hound
He-jackal She Jackal
He-porcupine She-porcupine
He-owl She-owl
Oil man Oil woman
Machine Man Machine woman
Boat man Boat woman
Sales man Sales girl
God father God mother
Tutor Governess
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