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Being unable to pay one’s debt. Insolvent
The study of the functions of the body. physiology
The science of fortelling events by stars. Astrology
Government by officials in a state. Bureaucracy
An office without any work but high pay. Sinecure
A medicine to counteract the effect of a poison. Antidote
An admirer of art. Dilettante
A man having the qualities of women. Effeminate
That which cannot be moved. Immobile
The study of insects. Entomology
Word for word. Verbatim
Wish to do good to others. Benevolence
Whose meaning is difficult to understand? Abstruse
Way out for water or steam. Benevolence
Want of sleep. Insomnia
Usual behaviour of a social group. Custom
Use of mild words in place of words required by the truth. Euphemism
Troops trained for being dropped by parachute. paratroops
Touch or stroke lovingly. Fondle
A traditional story related to deities Myth
That which is pig like. Porcine
Thing to be corrected in a printed book. Corrigendum
Things taken by robbers. Booty
That which is fox like Vulpine
That which is dog like. Canine
That which is lion like. Leonine
That which can be rooted out. Eradicable
That which exists separately from other people. Independent
That which cannot be perceived by touch. Intangible
That which can be calculated. Incalculable
Study of the development of plants and animals from earlier forms. Geneology
Study of oceans and their Phenomena Oceanography
Study of Law Nomology
Study of fossils Palaentology
Study of ancient things like tombs, buried towns Archaeology
Strong desire for food, wealth Greed
Strong dislike between two persons. Antipathy
Stream Flowing into another big river Tributary
Stealing From the writing of others Plagiarism
A statement that is obviously true Platitude
That which can be easily believed. Credible
That which cannot be put out or extinguished Inextinguishable
That which cannot be satisfied Insatiable
That which cannot be erased or removed. Indelible
That which cannot be corrupted. Incorruptible
To escape from hard realities. Escapism
The system which is observed to do progress or reform. Reformism
Temple dedicated to all the gods. Pantheon
Talk that brings bad reputation to somebody. Scandal
The study of population. Demography
The study of the physical phenomenon of lakes. Limnology
Spreading by infection. Infectious
Specialist in a mental or emotional disturbance. Psychiatrist
Speak in a very low tone. Whisper
Something that is hidden. Mystery
Somebody that foretells the coming of something. Harbinger
Soldiers on big guns mounted on wheels. Artillery
So deep that the bottom cannot be reached. Unfathomable
A small shop that sells fashionable clothes, cosmetics etc. Boutique
Shamelessly rude. Impudent
Serious crime like murder, arson. Felony
Send rays of light or heat. Radiate
Secret place difficult to access. Recess
Send Back a criminal into custody for further investigation Remand
Secret Agreement for a fraudulent purpose Collusion
Search in the Dark Grope, Fumble
Search for something Quest
Secret Religious Meeting Conventicle
See with a group of many islands Archipelago
A signature on the back of a paper or cheque Endorsement
Showing Contemptuous indifference Supercilious
A short summary of a book or speech Epitome
Signal under martial law for people to remain indoors Curfew
Showing Deep Sorrow for wrong doing Contrite
A short saying or poem which express an idea in very clever and amusing way Epigram
A short journey for pleasure. Excursion
A short expression of general truth. Proverb, Dictum, Maxim, Adage
A short amusing story about some real person or event. Anecdote
Scornful and contemptuous language. Opprobrium
Science of weight. Metrology
Science of time. Horology
Science of writing and compiling a dictionary. Lexicography
Science of the races of mankind and their relation to one another. Ethnology
Science of the physical structure of the body. Anatomy
Science of the habits of living things in relation to their environment. Ecology
Science of the constitution of the whole universe. Cosmography
Science of causes of diseases. Etiology/Aetiology
Science of mankind as an animal. Anthropology
Science of mechanical and industrial arts. Technology
Science of healthy living. Hygiene
Science of inscriptions. Epigraphy
Science of human beauty. kalology
Science of fixing dates. Chronology
Science of crimes and criminals. Criminology
Study of coins. Numismatics
Science of blood. Hematology
Science dealing with the proper use of terms. Terminology
Science dealing with heredity. Genetics
Science and technology of metals. Metallurgy
Science and philosophy of human law. Jurisprudence
Science and art of preparing and making good food. Gastronomy
Science and art of fkying in aircraft. Aviation
School for very young children. Kindergarten
Say in advance what is likely to happen. Forecast/predict/foretell
Say aloud from memory. Recite
Saving of property from loss by fire. Salvage
Salt water lake separated from the sea by sand banks. Lagoon
Rules for Formal behaviour among people. Etiquette
Room for washing kitchen utensils Scullery
Roof supported by columns at the entrance of a building. Portico/porch
Ritual washing of the body. Ablution
Rising in arms against an establishment/ government. Insurrection/Rebellion
Rise or fall in level of the sea. Tide
Right or advantage available to a person. Privilege
Reward for a work or service. Remuneration
Return to one’s own country. Repatriate
Return the same sort of ill treatment. Retaliate
Reduction in a tax or debt. Rebate
Religious discourse Sermon
Reserved in speech. Reticent
Responsible according to law. Liable
Restore to former position. Rehabilitate
Resulting in death or ending in disaster. Fatal
Relation between different aspects of a thing. Perspective
Reasoning power of the mind. Intellect
Receiving guests warmly. Hospitality
Record of events in the order of their happenings. Chronicle
To raise a pattern or design on the surface of Something. Emboss
Quick to judge and understand. Perspicacious
Question or problem difficult to answer or understand Puzzle/Riddle/Enigma
Put under the surface of water. Submerge
Put off for a future time. Postpone/procrastinate
Put into the form of a code. Cadify
Pull out of usual shape. Distort
Public merry making and feasting. Carnival
Public activity which take place in a very elaborate, colourful and expensive way. Extravaganza
Place of Google climate for invalids. Asylum
Property left to someone by a will. Legacy
Property inherited from one’s father. Patrimony
Producing a lot of book or other things. Prolific
Process of sewing designs on cloth or other materials. Embroidery
Principle that the war should and could be abolished. Pacifism
Habit of independent thought. Individualism
Prevention of loss. Waste, damage. Conservation
Prevent from being carried out. Circumvent
Pretence of having a virtuous character. Hypocricy
Present form of before birth. Congenital
Marriage of God Theogamy
Lover of dogs Canophilist
Loss of memory. Amnesia
A group of talkative girls /women. Gaggle
Guided by one’s sense of duty. Conscientious
Gust of wind. Draught
Handwriting that can be easily read. Legible
Happening at the sametime. Contemporary
Government run by a dictator. Dictatorship
Government by person of highest social order. Aristocracy
Government by intelligentsia. Meritocracy
Government by the rich and the powerful class. Plutocracy
Government by officials. Bureaucracy
Government by elected representatives. Democracy
Government by elected representatives without a monarch. Republic
Government by divine laws. Theocracy
Government by a king/queen. Monarchy
Government by a few people. Oligarchy
Governing body of a university. Senate
Hater of books. Misobiblic
Hater of learning. Misologist
Hater of marriage Misogamist
Having more than one meaning. Ambiguous//Equivocal
Imaginary ailments (disease). Hypochondria
Offering made to God. Oblation
An official agreement to a proposal. Assent
Gathering of all things. Omnibus
An official announcement issued to the press. Communique
An official counting of the population. Census
One who analyses handwriting. Graphologist
One who attacks? Assaulter/Assailant
One who believes that nothing can be said about God? Agnostic
One who can neither read nor write. Illiterate
One who cannot be corrected. Incorrigible
A garland of flowers. Wreath
Give tit for tat. Retaliate
Departure of many people. Exodus
Gift of money to a retiring people. Gratuity
Give the right to vote. Enfranchise
Greedy for money. Repacious
General instructions. Directive
Future generation. Posterity
Free from punishment. Impunity
Form opinion in advance. Pre-conceive
For warning of an impending danger. Premonition
Fixed sum of money paid to somebody as income in his life time. Annuity
Fit for bad temper or anger. Tantrum
Fear of foreigners. Xenophobia
Fear of one self. Autophoby
Fear of home surroundings. Ecophobia
Fear of dead body. Necrophobia
Fear of animals. Zoophobia
Fear of height. Aerophobia
Faithful supporter. Henchman
Fail to pay a debt in time. Default
Expert in horse riding. Cavalier
Existing since old times. Antique
Existing forever. Eternal
Amount of money paid to free a prisoner. Ransom
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