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Words Synonyms Words
Abandon (v)   Give up, leave, forsake
Abbreviate (Verb) Abridge, condense, shorten
Abdicate (v)   Quit, abandon, surrender
Ability (n) Capacity, Talent, proficiency, competence
Abnormal (adj) Different, peculiar, anomalous
Absence (n) Scarcity, dearth, deficiency
Absolute (adj) Genuine, Complete, Exact
Abstain (v) Refrain, Decline, Avoid
Abundant (adj) Full, Plentiful, bountiful
Accelerate (v) Hurry, Advance, Hasten, Expedite
Accent (n) Tone, Emphasis, Stress, Pitch
Accept (n) Recognise, Acquire, Gain, Obtain, Acknowledge, Believe
Access (n) Approach, Entrance, Admittance, Admission
Accident (n)   Collision, Disaster, casualty, calamity
Accord (n) Allow, Grant, Confer, Agree
Accuse (v) Criminate, Charge, Attribute, Blame
Acquaint (v) Inform, Reveal, Disclose, familiarize
Acquaintance (n) Companionship, Friend, Colleague
Advanced (adj) Progressive, Forward, Foremost, Extreme
Advantageous (adj) Convenient, gainful, Profitable, Beneficial
Adventurous (adj) Risky, Reckless, Daring, Bold
Affectionate (Adj) Kind, Devoted, Friendly
Aggravate (v) Intensify, Annoy, Irritate, Exaggerate
Alliance(N) Coalition, Compact, Treaty, Agreement
Almighty(adj) All-Powerful, Great, Omnipotent, Invincible
Although(conj) Even if, Even though, Though, While
Altruistic(Adj) Benevolent, Humane, Generous, Charitable
Always(adv.) Ever, Evermore, Forever, Without  Exception
Ambiguous(adj) Confused, Doubtful, Obscure, Vague
Among (prep) Amidst, Amongst, Between, Midst
Analysis(n) Division, Enquiry, Review, Scrutiny
Ancestor(n) Forefather, Predecessor, Antecedent, Forerunner
Ancient(adj) Obsolete, oldfashioned, aged, out of date
Anonymous(adj) Nameless, unknown, faceless, impersonal
Antipathy (n) Disgust, Dislike, ill-will, enmity, hate
Anxiety(n) Desire, Distress, Dread, Tension, Worry
Anxious (Adj) Impatient, worried, tortured, Afraid
Apathetic (adj) Emotionless, impassive, indifferent, passive
Apology (n) Acknowledgement, justification, defence, excuse
Apparent (Adj) Clear, Declared, obvious, visible
Applause(n) Approval, Praise, Commendation, Congratulation
Aristocrat (n) Nobleman, peer, noble, woman, peerless
Arrival(n) Appearance, Approach,  Entrance, Occurrence
Arrogant (adj) Conceited, haughty, contemptuous, proud
Artificial (Adj) Man Made, Bogus, Synthetic, unnatural
Ascend (v) Mount, Move up, go up, climb
Aspirant (n) Applicant, suitor, candidate, competitor
Assassin(n) Bravo, Killer, Murderer, Slayer
Audible (adj) Appreciable, Clear, Detectable, Distinct
Awkward(Adj) Clumsy, inexpert, Difficult
Bandit(n) Desperado, Highwayman, Hijacker, Robber, thief, Gunman, gangster
Bankrupt(adj) Insolvent, ruined, spent, beggared, Broke
Barbarian(n) Boor, illiterate, philistine, savage
Barbarous (adj) Brutal, Cruel, Ferocious, vulgar, ignorant
Barren (adj) Desert, fruitless, infertile, dry
Basics(n) Essentials, Fundamentals, facts, necessaries
Battalion(n) Army, Brigade, company, regiment
Before(adv.) Ahead, Earlier, sooner, previously
Behaviour (n) Conduct, dealing, habits, Manner
Benevolence(n) Compassion, goodness, sympathy, kindness
Betray(v) Abandon, desert, forsake, disclose, expose
Bigot(n) Dogmatist, racist, religionist, sexist
Biography(n) History, life history, curriculum, record
Bishop (n) Archbishop, metropolitan
Blasphemous(adj) Irreligious, impious, profane, godless
Borrow (v) Adopt, imitate, take, use
Brilliant(adj) Expert, famous, skilful, illustrious, intelligent
Buoyant (adj) Bright, Cheerful, Happy, Joyful
Bureaucrat(n) Administrator, Officer, Official
Business man(n) Employer, Executive, Merchant, Trader
Brittle (adj) Not Tough, Fragile
Cajole(v) Coax, Flatter, Mislead, Tempt
Calamity(n) Adversity, catastrophe, disaster, downfall, tragedy
Calm(adj) Quiet, Relaxed, Mild, Peaceful, Tranquil
Camouflage(n) Deception, disguise, blind, cloak
Community(n) Society, Association, Fellowship
Catalogue(n) List, Record, Register
Cautious (adj) Alert, careful, Vigilant, Watchful
Celebrate(v) Commend, Glorify, extol, honour
Cemetery(n) Burial ground, churchyard, gravegyard
Colleague(n) Ally, Assistant, Helper, Partner
Comfortable(adj) Delightful, Enjoyable, Pleasant, Restful
Command (v) Charge, compel, dominiate, govern
Compare(v) Contrast, parallel, resemble, Match
Compassionate(adj) Benevolent, humane, kind hearted, merciful
Compile(v) Accumulate, arrange, gather, organize
Complicated(adj) Complex, difficult, elaborate, intricate
Conceal(v) Bury, Disguise, hide, obscure
Condemn(v) Blame, Convict, Reproach
Confident(adj) Convinced, Satisfied, , Secure, sure
Congratulations(n) Compliments, good wishes, greetings
Contemporary(adj) Current, Latest, Modern, Recent
Controversy(n) Argument, Debate, dispute, Quarrel
Convenience(n) Advantage, service, appliance, Comfort
Copy(n) Duplicate, pattern, Photostat, Xerox
Courageous(adj) Brave, Heroic, Lion-hearted, high hearted
Courteous(adj) Attentive, Polite, Respectful, urbande
Cowardice(n) Faint-heartedness, fear
Credible(adj) Believable, Reasonable, Reliable, Sincere
Credulous (adj) Trusting, Uncritical, wide eyed
Critical(adj) Crucial, Urgent, Vital
Cruel (adj) Brutal, fierce, Ferocious, murderous
Customer (n) Buyer, Client, Consumer, Purchaser
Dangerous(adj) Hazardous, Perilous, serious, threatening
Dearth (n) Absence, Shortage, Poverty, Scarcity
Dedication(n) Devotion, Loyalty, Faithfulness
Delightful(adj) Enjoyable, Fascinating, Pleasant
Democracy(n) Autonomy, Republic, Self Government
Depreciate(u) Decrease, Reduce, Minimize, Devalue
Descend(u) Dismount, Deteriorate
Despair(u) Collapse, Give up, Surrender
Destroy Demolish,  Devastate, Eliminate, Extinguish
Device (n) Apparatus, Tool, Instrument, Appliance
Devil (n) Demon,  Fiend, Imp
Diagnose (v) Analysis,  Determine, Distinguish, Isolate
Difficulty (adj) Complicate, Hard, Uphill, thorny
Diplomat(n) Go between, mediator, moderator, negotiator
Disgraceful(adj) Dishonourable, Dreadful, shameful, mean
Dismay(v) Depress, disappoint, terrify, discourage, horrify
Diversity(n) Difference, variety, range
Drainage(n) Sewage, waste
Dramatist(n) Comedian, playwright, play writer, scriptwriter
Drunkard(n) Drinker, drunk, lush, soak
Duration(n) Period, extend, stretch, length
Dwarf(n) Elf, Gnome, Lilliputian, Pigmy, Tom, Thumb
Dynamic(adj) Active, Energetic, Forceful, Powerful
Earthquake(n) Quake, Shake, Earth, Tremor
Economical(adj) Frugal, inexpensive, thrifty, Reasonable
Efficient(adj) Capable, competent, powerful, proficient
Eligible(adj) Fit, proper, worthy, qualified, suitable
Emanicipate (adj) Deliver, Discharge, free, liberate
Embarrass(v) Distress, Fluster, shame, show up
Emigration(n) Departure, journey, migration, removal
Eminent(adj) Famous, renowned, prominent, illustrious, important
Enormous(adj) Gigantic, Huge, immense, prodigious,  Vast
Enthusiast(n) Devotee, Follower, lover, supporter
Eruption(n) Explosion, inflammation, outbreak, outburst
Exaggerate(v) Amplify, magnify, enlarge
Excellence(n) Goodness, Greatness, Purity, Virtue
Excess(n) Extravagance, leftover, surplus, remainder
Excuse(v) Apologise, Defend, Forgive, condone
Exhale(v) Emit, Expel, Expire, Discharge
Experienced(adj) Competent, expert, skilful, veteran
Exterior(n) Outside, Covering, surface, skin
Extraordinary(adj) Exceptional, marvelous, special, fantastic
Extravagance(n) Excess, folly, profusion, waste
Extravagant(adj) Expensive, lavish, costly, excessive
Extremist(n) Militant, terrorist, zealot, radical
Extrovert(adj) Amiable, hearty, social, outgoing
Fabulous(adj) Amazing, incredible, wonderful, immense
Failure(n) Break down, downfall, ruin, failing
Familiar(adj) Friendly well-known, Ordinary, Acquainted
Fascination(n) Attraction, Charmglamour, Interest
Fathom(v) Comprehend, Penetrate, work out, interpret
Fertile(adj) Abundant, plentiful, luxuriant, fruitful
Festive(adj) Cordial, gala, gleeful, jovial
Flammable(adj) Combustible, inflammable
Flock(v) Bunch, Crowd, Group, Herd, Swarm, Troop
Flourish(v) Bloom. Develop, Prospect, Succeed
Follower(n) Devote, Disciple, Pupil, Supporter
Fore father(n) Ancestor, Procreator
Foreigner(n) Alien, New Comer, Stranger
Forever(adj) Always, Evermore, for all the time
Fragile(adj) Brittle, Breakable, dainty
Fragment(n) Piece, Part, Particle
Frightful(adj) Dreadful, Fearful, Horrible, Terrible
Fulfil(adj) Accomplish, Achieve, Execute, Obey
Funeral(n) Burial, Interment
Funny(adj) Amusing, Humorous, Comical, laughable
Furnish(v) Afford, Appoint, Decorate, Grant, Offer
Gain(n) Advance, Increase, Progress, Obtain
Gather(v) Accumulate, Assemble, Collect, Heap
General(adj) Common, Universal, Normal, Ordinary
Genial(adj) Friendly, Glad, Happy, Joyous, Kind
Genuine(adj) Actual, authentic, natural, Bonafide, Original
Glamorous(adj) Attractive, Charming, Fascinating, Lovely
Glorious(adj) Brilliant, Delightful, Excellent, Majestic
Grateful(adj) Obliged, Obligated, Sensible, Thankful
Grumble(v) Growl, Murmur, Mutter, Rumble
Gunman(n) Bandit, Terrorist, Killer
Habital(n) Environment, Home surrounding, Territory
Handicap(n) Barrier, Block, Obstacle, Hindrance
Handicraft(n) Craft, workmanship, kill, Artisanship
Handsome(adj) Attractive, graceful, majestic
Haughty()adj Arrogant, Lofty, Proud, Scornful
Hazardous(adj) Dangerous, Difficult, Haphazard, Risky
Hereditary(adj) Ancestral, Genetic, inborn, inherited
Hermit(n) Ascetic, Monk, Solitarian
Heroic(adj) Bold, Brave, Lion-hearted, Courageous
Hijack(v) Kidnap, Seize, Skyjack, Snatch, Steal
History(n) Annals, Chronicle, Chronology, Antiquity
Homage(n) Worship, Reverence, Loyalty, Tribute
Honorary(adj) No minal, Unpaid, Unofficial
Humanity(n) Humankind, Mankind, Mortality, People
Hungry(adj) Desirous, Eager, Greedy, Starving
Husbandry(n) Agriculture, Cultivation, farming, thrift
Hysteria(n) Madness, Neurosis, Panic
Ignorance(n) Blindness, Innocence, Oblivion
Illegal(adj) Banned, Prohibited, Unlawful, illicit
Illuminate(v) Brighten, Enlighten, Light up
Immediate(adj) Instant, recent, urgent, prompt
Immense(adj) Enormous, Gigantic, Great, Huge, large, Vast
Impolite(adj) Coarse, rough, rude, insolent
Incident(n) Event, Instance, Occurrence,
Individual(n) Body, fellow, Party, Person, Soul
Innocence(n) Honestly, Ignorance, Chastity, Trustfulness
Internal(adj) Domestic, Inner, Inside, Interior
Invasion(n) Attack, Raid, Seizure
Isolated(adj) Deserted, Lonely, Remote, Solitary
Jealous(adj) Desirous, Envious, Rival, Suspicious
Journey(n) Voyage, Trip, Tour, Travel
Judicious(adj) Careful, Prudent, Reasonable
Junction(n) Joint, Meeting Point, Linking
Justice(n) Legitimacy, Law, Fairness
Justify(v) Excuse, Forgive, Pardon, Support
Juvenile(n) Adolescent, minor, youth
Keep(v) Possess, Restrain, Retain, Support
Kill(v) Assassinate, Butcher, Destroy, Slay, Murder
Kind(adj) Affectionate, Benevolent, Generous, Merciful
Knock(v) Blow, Hit, Strike
Knowledge(n) Information, Perception, Wisdom, Learning
Known(adj) Obvious, Popular, Famous, Familiar
Laborious(adj) Industrious, Laboured, Uphill, Tiresome
Landlord(n) Owner, Host, Proprietor
Laughter(n) Laughing, Amusement, Merriment, Giggling
Leisure(n) Holiday, Sparetime vacation, Relaxation
Lethal(adj) Fatal, Noxious, Poisonous, Destructive
Literal(adj) Factual, Exact, Plain, Simple, Actual, Strict
Loathsome(adj) Hateful, horrible, Nasty, Odious
Lover(n) Boy Friend, Sweat heart, Admirer
Lubricate(v) Grease, Oil, Smear, Wax
Luxurious(adj) Comfortable, Deluxe, Expensive, Lavish
Luxury(n) Bliss, Comfort, Pleasure, Delight, Enjoyment
Malevolent(adj) Hostile, Vindictive, ill-natured, vicious
Malnutrition(n) Hunger, Starvation
Marriage(n) Matrimony, nuptials, wedding, coupling
Match(n) Game, Test, Trial, Venue
Maximum(adj) Supreme, Utmost, Most, largest
Meagre (adj) Inadequate, Deficient, Little, Scanty
Melancholy(adj) Miserable, Mournful, Sorrowful, Unhappy
Memorial(n) Mausoleum, Momento, Monument
Merchant(n) Broker, Dealer, Vendor, Salesman, Trader
Militant(adj) Aggressive, Fighting, Vigorous
Minimum(adj) Bottom, Least, Lowest, Slightest
Modern(adj) New, Recent, Up-todate, Current, Fresh
Modest(adj) Bashful, Humble, Quiet, Moderate
Momentary(adj) Temporary, Transient, Shortlived
Momentum(n) Power, Strength, Stimulus, Force, Energy
Mountain(n) Mount, Peak, Height
Musician(n) Performer, Player, Singer, Vocalist
Mournful(adj) Depressed, Painful, Tragic, woeful
Mysterious(adj) Curious, Secret, Hidden, Mystical
Mythical(adj) Imaginary, Legendary, Fabled, Fairytale
Narrow(adj) Limited, Restricted, Marginal, Cramped
Naughty(adj) Mischievous, Playful, Disobedient, Roguish
Necessary(adj) Compulsory, Essential, Needful, Obligatory
Nightmare(n) Bad Dream, Horror, trial
Non-violent(adj) Pacifist, Peaceful
Notorious(adj) Infamous, Flagrant, Undisputed
Nourish(v) Cherish, Comfort, Cultivate, Encourage
Nuisance(n) Irritation, Offence, Pain, Trouble
Nutritious(adj) Healthful, Beneficial, Nourishing, Nutritive
Noxious(adj) Baneful, Corrupting, Destructive, Harmful, Injurious
Oblivious(adj) Careless, Forgetful, Ignorant, Negligent
Obnoxious(adj) Abhorent, Abominable, Odious, Repulsive
Obvious(adj) Apparent, Clear, Transparent, Distinct
On Looker(n) Observer, Spectator, Watcher, Witness, Viewer
Opaque(adj) Cloudy, Obscure, Unclear, Dim
Opponent(n) Challenger, Antagonist, Enemy, Foe
Orator(n) Lecturer, Preacher, Speaker
Optional(adj) Extra, Voluntary, Possible
Overcome(v) Defeat, Over throw, Triumph
Owner(n) Lord, Master, Proprietor
Paradox(n) Ambiguity, Puzzle, Riddle
Particular(adj) Peculiar, Special, Specific, Distinct
Passionate(adj) Aroused, Emotional, Sexy, Eager
Peasant(n) Boor, Country man
Pedestrian(n) Foot-Traveller, Walker
Pilgrimage(n) Crusade, Expedition, Tour, Trip, Journey, Mission
Precious(adj) Costly, Fine, Valuable, Dearest
Prediction(n) Forecast, Prognosis, Prophecy
Presence(n) Attendance
Previous(adj) Earlier, Former, Prior
Programme(n) Agenda, Syllabus, Curriculum
Proseperous(adj) Successful, Rich, Lucky, Wealthy, Fortunate
Punctual(adj) Early, Exact, Up-to-time, Prompt
Puzzled(adj) Be wildered, Doubtful, Perplexed, Mixed
Quaint(adj) Antiquated, Odd, Strange
Quarrelsome(adj) Illtempered, Irritable
Questioner(n) Enquirer, Examiner, Interviewer
Queer(adj) Curious, Puzzling, Uncommon, Strange
Rainy(adj) Damp, Wet, Drizzly
Random(adj) Accidental, Chance, Incidental, Unplanned
Ratify(v) Affirm, Approve, Certify, Authorise
Raucous(adj) Harse, Hoarse, Loud, Noisy
Ready(adj) Arranged, Fit, Completed, Prepared
Rebellious(adj) Disloyal, Untruly, Disobedient, Revolutionary
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