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100+ Verbs Forms List

So, There are following verbs forms list in below list as:

Present Tense V1 Past Tense V2 Past Participle V3
Abide Abode Abode/Abided
Abduct Abducted Abducted
Abandon Abandoned Abandoned
Abate Abated Abated
Abort Aborted Aborted
Accelerate Accelerated Accelerated
Accept Accepted Accepted
Accommodate Accommodated Accommodated
Accompany Accompanied Accompanied
Accuse Accused Accused
Acquit Acquitted Acquitted
Adapt Adapted Adapted
Addict Addicted Addicted
Adhere Adhered Adhered
Adjourn Adjourned Adjourned
Adjust Adjusted Adjusted
Admire Admired Admired
Admit Admitted Admitted
Admix Admixed Admixed
Advertise Advertised Advertised
Advise Advised Advised
Affect Affected Affected
Affirm Affirmed Affirmed
Approve Approved Approved
Afford Afforded Afforded
Agree Agreed Agreed
Aim Aimed Aimed
Air Aired Aired
Allow Allowed Allowed
Amaze Amazed Amazed
Amuse Amused Amused
Analyse Analysed Analysed
Answer Answered Answered
Apologize Apologized Apologized
Appeal Appealed Appealed
Appoint Appointed Appointed
Appreciate Appreciated Appreciated
Apprehend Apprehended Apprehended
Approach Approached Approached
Argue Argued Argued
Arise Arose Arisen
Arouse Aroused Aroused
Arrest Arrested Arrested
Arrive Arrived Arrived
Arrange Arranged Arranged
Ascend Ascended Ascended
Ask Asked Asked
Aspire Aspired Aspired
Assemble Assembled Assembled
Assess Assessed Assessed
Assist Assisted Assisted
Associate Associated Associated
Astonish Astonished Astonished
Attack Attacked Attacked
Attempt Attempted Attempted
Attend Attended Attended
Attest Attested Attested
Audit Audited Audited
Authorize Authorized Authorized
Avail Availed Availed
Avert Averted Averted
Await Awaited Awaited
Avoid Avoided Avoided
Awake Awoke Awaked, Awoke
Award Awarded Awarded
Bake Baked Baked
Balance Balanced Balanced
Ban Banned Banned
Banish Banished Banished
Baptize Baptized Baptized
Bare Bared Bared
Base Based Based
Bathe Bathed Bathed
Bear Bore Borne
Bear Born Born, Borne
Be Was Been
Beat Beat Beaten
Become Became Become
Begin Began Begun
Bend Bent Bent
Bind Bound Bound
Bite Bit Bitten
Bleed Bled Bled
Blow Blew Blown
Break Broke Broken
Bring Brought Brought
Build Built Built
Burn Burnt Burnt
Buy Bought Bought
Beg Begged Begged
Bless Blessed Blessed
Beget Begot Begot, Begotten
Behave Behaved Behaved
Behold Beheld Beheld, beholden
Bet Bet Bet
Beseach Besought Besought
Befit Befitted Befitted
Befriend Befriended Befriended
Butter Buttered Buttered
Behead Beheaded Beheaded
Believe Believed Believed
Bellow Bellowed Bellowed
Butcher Butchered Butchered
Bestow Bestowed Bestowed
Bethink Bethought Bethought
Betray Betrayed Betrayed
Betroth Betrothed Betrothed
Better Bettered Bettered
Beware Bewared Bewared
Bid Bid Bid
Bid Bade Bidden
Blacken Blackened Blackened
Bob Bobbed Bobbed
Boil Boiled Boiled
Borrow Borrowed Borrowed
Bother Bothered Bothered
Bow Bowed Bowed
Boycott Boycotted Boycotted
Broadcast Broadcast Broadcast
Brush Brushed Brushed
Burst Burst Burst
Bury Buried Buried
Butt Butted Butted
Breed Bred Bred
Calculate Calculated Calculated
Call Called Called
Calve Calved Calved
Canvass Canvassed Canvassed
Capitulate Capitulated Capitulated
Capture Captured Captured
Care Cared Cared
Carry Carried Carried
Carve Carved Carved
Cast Cast Cast
Catch Caught Caught
Celebrate Celebrated Celebrated
Centralize Centralized Centralized
Certify Certified Certified
Change Changed Changed
Charge Charged Charged
Chased Chased Chased
Chatter Chattered Chattered
Cheat Cheated Cheated
Cheer Cheered Cheered
Chew Chewed Chewed
Chirp Chirped Chirped
Choose Chose Chosen
Circulate Circulated Circulated
Civilize Civilized Civilized
Claim Claimed Claimed
Clap Clapped Clapped
Clarify Clarified Clarified
Classify Classified Classified
Cleanse Cleansed Cleansed
Cleave Clove Cloven
  Cleft cleft
Climb Climbed Climbed
Clinch Clinched Clinched
Clink Clinked Clinked
Close Closed Closed
Clink Clinked Clinked
Clutch Clutched Clutched
Clutter Cluttered Cluttered
Coax Coaxed Coaxed
Coerce Coerced Coerced
Coil Coiled Coiled
Coincide Coincided Coincided
Collapse Collapsed Collapsed
Collect Collected Collected
Collide Collided Collided
Colonize Colonized Colonized
Colour Coloured Coloured
Come Came Come
Commend Commended Commended
Commence Commenced Commenced
Commend Commended Commended
Commit Committed Committed
Communicate Communicated Communicated
Compare Compared Compared
Compel Compelled Compelled
Compensate Compensated Compensated
Compete Competed Competed
Compile Compiled Compiled
Complain Complained Complained
Complete Completed Completed
Complicate Complicated Complicated
Comply Complied Complied
Comprehend Comprehended Comprehended
Compose Composed Composed
Comprise Comprised Comprised
Compute Computed Computed
Conceal Concealed Concealed
Conceived Conceived Conceived
Concentrate Concentrated Concentrated
Concern Concerned Concerned
Conclude Concluded Concluded
Concrete Concreted Concreted
Condemn Condemned Condemned
Condense Condensed Condensed
Condole Condoled Condoled
Conduct Conducted Conducted
Confess Confessed Confessed
Confine Confine Confined
Confirm Confirmed Confirmed
Conflict Conflicted Conflicted
Concur Concurred Concurred
Confuse Confused Confused
Congratulate Congratulated Congratulated
Consider Considered Considered
Console Consoled Consoled
Conspire Conspired Conspired
Construct Constructed Constructed
Consume Consumed Consumed
Continue Continued Continued
Contribute Contributed Contributed
Convert Converted Converted
Convict Convicted Convicted
Copulate Copulated Copulated
Copy Copied Copied
Correspond Corresponded Corresponded
Counsel Counselled Counselled
Create Created Created
Cut Cut Cut
Commence Commenced Commenced
Cost Cost Cost
Creep Crept Crept
Cry Cried Cried
Dig Dug Dug
Do Did Done
Draw Drew Drawn
Drink Drank Drunk
Dream Dreamt Dreamt
Drive Drove Driven
Dwell Dwelt Dwelt
Die Died Died
Dry Dried Dried
Drop Dropped Dropped
Dance Danced Danced
Dare Dared Dared
Darken Darkened Darkened
Debate Debated Debated
Deceive Deceived Deceived
Decide Decided Decided
Declare Declare Declared
Decline Declined Declined
Decorate Decorated Decorated
Decrease Decreased Decreased
Decry Decried Decried
Dedicate Dedicated Dedicated
Defeat Defeated Defeated
Defend Defended Defended
Defer Deferred Deferred
Defy Defied Defied
Demote Demoted Demoted
Deny Denied Denied
Depart Departed Departed
Derive Derived Derived
Descend Descended Descended
Describe Described Described
Despair Despaired Despaired
Destroy Destroyed Destroyed
Detect Detected Detected
Devastate Devastated Devastated
Develop Developed Developed
Deviate Deviated Deviated
Diagnose Diagnosed Diagnosed
Dictate Dictated Dictate
Dip Dipped Dipped
Disappear Disappeared Disappeared
Disappoint Disappointed Disappointed
Disclose Disclosed Disclosed
Discourage Discouraged Discoursed
Discuss Discussed Discussed
Disguise Disguised Disguised
Dismiss Dismissed Dismissed
Disperse Dispersed Dispersed
Displace Displaced Displaced
Display Displayed Displayed
Dispute Disputed Disputed
Distinguish Distinguished Distinguished
Divorce Divorced Divorced
Donate Donated Donated
Dye Dyed Dyed
Eat Ate Eaten
Enter Entered Entered
Elect Elected Elected
Earn Earned Earned
Edit Editted Editted
Educate Educated Educated
Eject Ejected Ejected
Elapse Elapsed Elapsed
Elaborate Elaborated Elaborated
Electrify Electrified Electrified
Emancipate Emancipated Emancipated
Embrace Embraced Embraced
Embroider Embroidered Embroidered
Emit Emitted Emitted
Emphasize Emphasized Emphasized
Employ Employed Employed
Encroach Encroached Encroached
End Ended Ended
Enforce Enforced Enforced
Enhance Enhanced Enhanced
Enjoy Enjoyed Enjoyed
Enlarge Enlarged Enlarged
Entangle Entangled Entangled
Entertain Entertained Entertained
Eradicate Eradicated Eradicated
Escape Escaped Escaped
Establish Established Established
Estimate Estimated Estimated
Evaluate Evaluated Evaluated
Exaggerate Exaggerated Exaggerated
Excel Excelled Excelled
Exceed Exceeded Exceeded
Excite Excited Excited
Exclude Excluded Excluded
Excuse Excused Excused
Exercise Exercised Exercised
Exhaust Exhausted Exhausted
Exhibit Exhibited Exhibited
Expire Expired Expired
Explode Exploded Exploded
Exploit Exploited Exploited
Eye Eyed Eyed
Fall Fell Fallen
Feed Fed Fed
Feel Felt Felt
Fight Fought Fought
Find Found Found
Flee Fled Fled
Fly Flew Flown
Forbid Forbade Forbidden
Forget Forgot Forgotten
Forgive Forgave Forgiven
Fry Fried Fried
Fell Felled Felled
Flow Flowed Flowed
Fold Folded Folded
Forsake Forsook Forsaken
Freeze Froze Frozen
Forbear Forbore Forborne
Fail Failed Failed
Face Faced Faced
Falsify Falsified Falsified
Farm Farmed Farmed
Fascinate Fascinated Fascinated
Favour Favoured Favoured
Fear Feared Feared
Fertilize Fertilized Fertilized
Filtrate Filtrated Filtrated
Finish Finished Finished
Fire Fired Fired
Fish Fished Fished
Flatten Flattened Flattened
Flourish Flourished Flourished
Follow Followed Followed
Force Forced Forced
Forecast Forecasted Forecasted
Foretell Foretold Foretold
Form Formed Formed
Found Founded Founded
Get Got Got/Gotten
Go Went Gone
Grind Ground Ground
Grow Grew Grown
Gain Gained Gained
Gamble Gambled Gambled
Gargle Gargled Gargled
Gasp Gasped Gasped
Gather Gathered Gathered
Germinate Germinated Germinated
Glance Glanced Glanced
Glitter Glittered Glittered
Gnaw Gnawed Gnawed
Gobble Gobbled Gobbled
Goggle Goggled Goggled
Govern Governed Governed
Grant Granted Granted
Grasp Grasped Grasped
Gratify Gratified Gratified
Grave Grove Graven
Graze Grazed Grazed
Greet Greeted Greeted
Grieve Grieved Grieved
Groan Groaned Groaned
Growl Growled Growled
Guarantee Guaranteed Guaranteed
Guard Guarded Guarded
Guess Guessed Guessed
Gyp Gyped Gyped
Hang Hanged Hanged
Hang Hung Hung
Have Had Had
Hear Heard Heard
Hide Hid Hidden
Hit Hit Hit
Hold Held Held
Hurt Hurt Hurt
Hope Hoped Hoped
Hand Handed Hardened
Harvest Harvested Harvested
Hasten Hastened Hastened
Hatch Hatched Hatched
Hate Hated Hated
Heat Heated Heated
Help Helped Helped
Hesitate Hesitated Hesitated
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