I made a list of these solo trip destinations by having a conversation with solo travelers and being inspired by their experiences. So you can rely on these solo trip destinations absolutely without any doubt and have rare experiences.

Let’s move forward and have a look at a top best solo trip destinations

Varkala, Kerala

I hope the unique name of the destination arouses you to know more about this travel. It is a newly emerged place for a solo traveler and it has become the favorite destination of many people. It is situated in Kerala. If you are looking for a peaceful place to spend alone time then you must go to this place. The surroundings are beautified by the Arabian Sea magnificent views. This region of India offers you to be at a tidy place for relaxation from mundane life. It is full of exploration sites that you enjoyed being here. If you believe in God and want to spiritual place then you should at Papnasnam beach and Janardana Swamy.

Ziro, Andhra Pradesh

Another best location in India for a solo trip is Ziro. It is located In Andhra Pradesh. It is the best to place to explore the culture. To enjoy this stunning location must pay a visit at the time of Ziro Valley Carnival which is a music festival. The people from different locations come to enjoy it. Due to its popularity, it is termed as a World Heritage site. The local villages and crop fields make it more beautiful. So you can visit this place to enjoy a solo trip.

Jibhi, Himachal Pradesh

There is no doubt that Himachal Pradesh is the best tourist destination in India. But solo trip Jibhi is a renowned place among other places. It is a lovely place to enjoy me-time. Jibhi is the heavenly place in the place. It is not a very big place but very small but has enough to make your life awesome. When you will be at this place you realize it is the same as your dream destination. The surroundings are serene and calm. It offers to enjoy the ancient period in the form of small huts and designer rocks.

Tip for this particular place: Lit Bonfire at the banks of the river and read your favorite books.


If you are looking for adventure land for a solo trip. It is a perfect place for adventure junkies. People love to do photography at Dhanuhkodi. This place has a lot to explore. In 1964, this town was hit badly by the Rameshwaram cyclone. After this event, native people live in this place and for several years no one lives here. It is best to place for history lovers as they going to find something amusing. Many travelers go there to explore this abandoned land. Hence, it is the best place to visit for the solo traveler.

Majuli, Assam

It is an epic place to enjoy a solo trip. It is situated in Assam. Majuli is a renowned and freshwater island. This place is recorded in the Guinness World Book. This is a magical place as the covered area diminishing day by day. So it is listed among the list of the places you should visit before death. It is the best to place to explore alone. You get to know about the strange land and are able to have the ultimate experience.

Kasol, Himachal Pradesh

Another place in Himachal Pradesh is the best solo traveler. It is popularly called a romantic place of Himachal Pradesh. It is a small village and it is known for the river Parvati. People from various regions come to enjoy the captivating view of the river. Here are multiple things you can do and enjoy. Like trekking, dining, exploration of the market, etc. I recommend you that do have a taste of Israeli food as it is famous. Hence, pack your bag and book your ticket to enjoy this wonderful place.

Arambol Beach, Goa

May you know Goa is known for its beaches? But to enjoy the solo trip to Arambol beach. As most of the beaches are overcrowded in Goa. So if you really want to enjoy your Beach time then you must visit Arambol Beach. To increase the rate of your experience do accommodate at Laughing Buddha. People come to a temporary resident. They love to stay here for a longer period. Hence it is one of the best solo destinations in India.

Nubra Valley, Leh

Best place for a solo traveler. It is an unbeatable place that is situated in Leh. It is the point where two rivers meet- Siachen and say ok. When you look upon the union of these two rivers you feel inspired and your psychic turn positive.  Since 2014 no more need for an inline permit for Indian people. It looks magnificent with high altitudes. Hence best place to meditate and make your sense soothes,

Rann Of Kutch, Gujarat

It is a famous place. Over thousands of people visit every year. It is the best to place to explore the culture of India. It is a deserted land. To make your solo trip to Rann of Kutch more interesting do have a road trip. It is a very hot place. So you must visit during the winter season. The best months to visit is December and January. Do enjoy the sunset view at Mandvi Beach. If you want to explore wildlife and flora and fauna admirer then you can visit Indian Wild Ass Sanctuary.

These are the most famous solo trip destinations. Do choose the best and must check out solo travel tips to enjoy hazel- a free tour.

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