Bodhgaya – Land Of Enlightenment Tale

A digital tour to the land of enlightenment Bodhgaya – Situated in the eastern India state Bihar. It is said to be the place where Mahatma Buddha attains enlightenment. The place is associated with Buddhist monasteries and temples. As a well-known religious site the place as a special significance in the life of Buddhists. Still its remains untouched by the sight of visitors.
So here I have come up with some of the most popular places to explore in Gaya, Bihar.

List Of Places To Explore In Bodhgaya

1. Mahabodhi temple

The temple is an ancient heritage site to explore in Bodhgaya. The site comes under UNESCO and preserved by the archeological survey of India. It is the place where Buddha attains enlightenment. Thus why associated with Buddhism and hold a special value in the life of Buddhist monks. The site attracts a large number of tourists and devotees seeking peace and salvation through meditating in this holy place.

Visiting time: 5:00am – 9:00pm

2. Bodhi tree

Bodhi tree is said to be the holy tree where Mahatama Buddha attains enlightenment. It is said that Buddha meditates under this tree for 35 years to attain enlightenment. The tree symbolizes peace, harmony, and awakening of the true self. It is one of the favorite places for Buddhist monks to meditate.

3. Great Buddha statue.

It is one of the famous pilgrimage sites to explore in Bodhgaya. The giant statue of Mahatma Buddha meditating in Dhyan mudra is the symbol of holy place associated with Buddhism. It took seven years and 120,000 workers to construct this 25ft statute.

4.Phalgu River ( Niranjana river)

This river also held a great significance in Hindu and Budh religion’. Mahatama Buddha attains enlightenment near the bank of the Niranjana river. Form there on it is considered to be the holy symbol of Buddhism connected with the life of Buddha. The people located nearby perform religious practice in the river. The famous Vishnu pad temple is located nearby the river is another major tourist attraction.

5. Bodhgaya archeological museum

Situated near Mahabodhi temple this museum has a lot to showcase from the collection of ancient arts to paintings. The museum has a rich collection of Buddhist idols. Bodhgaya complex has a lot to explore along with the museums. From ancient sculptures to Gupta period coins the museum has a lot to explore.

Address: Next to Mahabodhi temple.
Timing: 10:00am- 5:00pm
(Closed on Friday’s)

If you’re seeking a special day to visit Bodhgaya is the full moon day. The day is celebrated as Buddha Purnima or the birthday of Gautama Buddha.

So, it all about the digital tour to the land of enlightenment, I hope u enjoy it. Do have a visit there and kindly share your experiences with us.

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