Boost Immunity System -Top 5 Tips

Boost immunity system is not a magical game. This requires long term practice and systematic lifestyle. There are some people who claim that this is an easy task to achieve but it is not true. You need to work dedicatedly to build the immune system. During a coronavirus pandemic, it becomes necessary to have a strong immune system, then only you can defeat this dangerous virus.

     First of all, you need to accept the organized route. And there is a need to change your casual attitude towards health. There is no magic to pill to boost the immune system. Your desire only helps you to achieve the target. Today, I am going to share with you some effective top 5 tips to boost the Immunity system. If you show dedication towards this then these tips are definitely going to work for you.

Follow these following tips to boost immunity system

  • Take Healthy Food

I personally believe that our eating habit affects our health directly. Avoid fast food as much as you can. There are some classy people who prefer bad tea but it is not good for your health. So I advise you to avoid tea in the morning and take orange juice. It will secure your energy and you will fresh. Do mindful eating. It is a very common habit of people that if they get their favorite food, they eat over without any realization that affects their health in the long term. Have a good breakfast and take light food at dinner. Always prefer curd with your lunch as it helps you to digest food.

  • Have Timely Sleep

Immunity is highly dependent on your sleep schedule. Some people wake up late at night and sleep for so late in the morning. This habit makes them lazy and also reduces their productivity. “Jaagat hai so paavat hai, sovat hai so kohvat hai” – it is an old saying but very true. Because when you wake late in the morning your whole routine turns upside down. You don’t feel fresh. The standard time to go to bed is 10 Pm and Wake time is 5 am. Health specialists recommend 8 hrs sleep.

  • Exercise

Exercise keeps you fit and healthy. It doesn’t matter whether you prefer aerobics, dance, yoga, sports or something else. These all activities are equally beneficial for you. So I will not limit you to particular exercise because when you do things as per interest it will offer more benefits. Popular and effective exercises are squats, jumping jacks, bridges, mountains, etc. I will advise you to add morning and evening walk to your schedule with exercise. It will help you reach your target in less time.

  • Keep your Self Hydrated

Last but not the least tip to boost the immunity system. Drink water as much as you can. I know it is difficult to remember to drink water because we forget to drink due to our packed schedule. So I suggest you download an application that reminds you to drink water at a short interval.

Do follow these tips and boost the immunity system to fight with this dangerous coronavirus pandemic.

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