Depression – Mental Health Disorder

Depression – Do you know that every sixth person in India is suffering from the mental health disorder depression? It is spreading rapidly among students and working people. The people age 16 to 45 years are more prone to this dangerous psychological problem. You will get surprised to know that people get depressed due to their close relations rather with outer space people. It is a sad reality of our Indian society. To save our present and future generation from this ailment is very necessary otherwise our surroundings soon turned gloomy and dark.

         To solve any issue it is very necessary to talk about it and after having a good collection try to find a root cause of it. When you talk about this particular disorder first and foremost questions arise in your mind are following.

  • What is Depression?
  • What are the causes of Depression?
  • How Depression grows and takes place?
  • What is the permanent solution to Depression?

So I am going to cover all the above questions in the next coming paragraph. Although it is a very huge topic to discuss and need enough time to talk about it? But you can easily agree with me if I say – if you know the good ground level of a subject then it easy to create upper strata. So that’s what I planned to share here the ground level knowledge.

Know More About Depression

The standard definition of Depression is that it is a mental health disorder. It overpowered you with your feeling and acts. Yes, it is true when you suffer from it. You really have no information about your feeling and acts. It is the point of life when you no more have control over your emotions and acts. It is very difficult to draw a line between sadness and depression because both play the game of feelings. There is only a slight difference between both of us. Sadness vanishes away in a short interval while depression is a continuous sadness without a single break.

If you feeling sad for more than two weeks continuously it is very clear that you are depressed.

Common Symptoms of Depression

  • Continuous sadness
  • Lose Interest in several activities
  • Insomnia
  • Don’t feel good to socialize
  • Stay alone
  • Talk Less
  • Tiredness
  • Lack of energy

Causes Of Depression– It mainly occurs due to some upset events like the loss of beloved, failure, disappointment, lack of job opportunities, emotional or sexual abuse, drugs or it can be genetic as well.

It’s severeness mainly grows when a person does not feel to share his/ her feelings and feel worthless to share. They start-stop talking with people and spend lots of time alone.

The permanent solution Of Depression

Talk therapy is the best treatment ever for depression. Medication does not work effectively if you are depressed. You can meet a counselor or psychologist for its treatment. They also offer several other therapies to break the stagnant pattern of your thought process. As most of the issues arise due to the process of thinking. During this mental health disorder, your personality totally turns negative and the mind does not accept positive talks. Therefore, share your stuff with your loved ones.

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