Disadvantages of Virtual Learning

Disadvantages of Virtual Learning – Virtual learning is a newly emerged technology to gain an education. There is no doubt it has some core benefits abut we cannot neglect the disadvantages of virtual learning. It affects the mental psychic of young students so adversely it is very dangerous to leave this topic of concern aside.

    In the period of coronavirus outbreak, virtual learning came out as a well-wisher for the students to earn an education. But we also get to know about the disadvantages of virtual learning in the same period. There are many education experts that show concern for this method of learning. They ask teachers and parents to take it seriously and take safety measures as much as they can.

Here are some Disadvantages of Virtual Learning

  • Queries Stay Unresolved

In a traditional classroom, students feel comfortable asking problems and finding solutions immediately. Whereas in a virtual classroom, students do not feel comfortable giving feedback. Teachers are unable to observe every student in the virtual classroom. When teachers give feedback to students personally. It makes teaching easy and important. If questions stay unresolved then students are not able to learn efficiently.

  • Affect Student’s Psychic

Virtual learning makes students stagnant because they do not get the opportunity to chat face to face. This leads them to social-isolation. It also causes mental health issues like stress, anxiety, depression, etc. It also affects relationships between students. It is a fact that man is a social animal. And they need people to talk.

  • Student Feel Overburdened

This is another disadvantage of virtual learning. Students are highly afraid because online learning requires self-motivation and management. Confidence in students also decreases. Because in a traditional classroom, teachers are there to give them applause and motivational speeches so that students feel motivated and do not lose interest in their studies.

  • No More Physical Activity

Physical activity is necessary to keep the mind healthy. This is the main reason that there is a period reserved for sports, games, dance, theater, etc. and students also have enthusiasm for these activities. In virtual education, students do not follow any particular posture of sitting, instead they lie in bed most of the time. This makes students lazy. Therefore, virtual learning put a break on this physical activity and limited them to gadgets. Affect Eyes

Since virtual learning demands more time to face mobile and laptop screens which affect their eyes. This causes problems like burning, itching, weakness of eyes, etc. These gadgets produce blue light and high brightness which adversely affect humans.

  • Prevent Poor People from Education

It is a simple fact that we cannot compare ourselves to America. It is a developed country. There is a huge difference in their living conditions and our standard of living. There are many families who cannot buy laptops or good quality mobile phones. Another main concern is that there are many parents who do not know the use of an application or cannot teach children. They are completely dependent on the school department for their student’s future. Therefore we cannot blindly apply the method of virtual learning.

These are some core disadvantages of virtual learning. Follow us with more interesting and knowledgeable blogs.

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