Top English Aptitude Test (Select of Correct Words)-सही शब्दों का चयन करें for all competitive test such as Bank, SSC, Teacher, Railway and One-day Exam.  Also, It is a necessary part of all govt exam and private exam. So that, please learn to be careful all questions and answers if any doubt plz comment below box.

There are following English Aptitude Test list in below lines:

Top English aptitude test

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  1. Select Correct Word
    1. Benefficiary
    2. Beneficery
    3. Beneficiary
    4. Beneficiarie
  2. Select Correct Word
    1. Physiology
    2. Phisyology
    3. Physiollogy
    4. Phesiology
  3. Select Correct Word
    1. Consequences
    2. Conssequences
    3. Consequeences
    4. Consequances
  4. Select Correct Word
    1. Courrtesy
    2. Courtesy
    3. Courttesy
    4. Courtesie
  5. Select Correct Word
    1. Exercisse
    2. Excercise
    3. Exercisee
    4. Exercise
  6. Select Correct Word
    1. Excesive
    2. Excessive
    3. Exccesive
    4. Exceseve
  7. Select Correct Word
    1. Beenefited
    2. Benefited
    3. Beneffited
    4. Benefyted
  8. Select Correct Word
    1. Aceleration
    2. Aceeleration
    3. Accelaration
    4. Acceleration
  9. Select Correct Word
    1. Agressive
    2. Agrressive
    3. Aggressive
    4. Aggresive
  10. Select Correct Word
    1. Iminent
    2. Imminent
    3. Iminnent
    4. Imineent
  11. Select Correct Word
    1. Cheqe
    2. Ceque
    3. Cheque
    4. Chequee
  12. Select Correct Word
    1. Callibration
    2. Calibration
    3. Celibration
    4. Calibrration

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