Get Rid Of Dandruff

Get Rid Of Dandruff- Dandruff is a common hair issue from which 50% of people go through. It looks very bad in pubic when flakiness falls on your black dress. Due to this sometimes people feel low confidence. It takes place mostly due to dry skin and scalp weakening etc. Always use the best hair products because the scalp is sensitive skin.

There are multiple products are available in the market to treat dandruff. But to home remedies are best to treat hair. Because home remedies are free from chemicals and have no side effects. So always use hair products before having a good assessment.

Causes Of Dandruff

  • Dry Skin
  • Lack of Shampooing
  • High Chemical Hair Product
  • Lack of Nourishment
  • Irritated Scalp
  • Stress

Some effective Home Remedies To Get Rid of Dandruff

  • Apply Mehndi

It is effective to get rid of dandruff. The use of Mehndi makes your hair shiny and soft. It also offers good nourishment to your hair. To treat dandruff, prepare Mehndi paste by following below guidelines:

  • Take Mehndi powder according to your hair length in a bowl.
  • Then add curd and lemon juice to make a paste.
  • Leave it for 6 minimum hours and then apply it on your hair.
  • After a dry wash the hair with fresh cold water.

Avoid hot water hair wash whether it is summer or winter. As it makes your scalp irritated and dry.

  • Coconut oil and lemon mix Massage

As I have mentioned above dandruff hair problem takes place due to dry skin as well. So coconut oil and lemon mix massage offer nourishment to your scalp and minimize dandruff. Give this massage atleast half an hour before the shampoo. While mixing coconut oil and lemon make sure that both the ingredients should be in equal proportion. It is a very easy and effective way to treat dandruff.

  • Sole Curd Massage

Another simple home remedy to treat dandruff. Apply curd on your scalp and leave it for 30 minutes and later rinse off with the cold water. Curd has nutrients and some essential elements that help people to treat the hair fall as well with dandruff. You can even have a shampoo to get rid of the curd smell.

  • Neem Leaves Paste

Neem is an anti-bacterial plant that treats various skin diseases and it also useful to treat dandruff. By following simple methodology you able to get rid of dandruff.

  • Collect 20 leaves and make a thick paste in a mixture grinder.
  • Secondly, apply Neem paste on your scalp evenly and let it dry for 15 minutes minimum.
  • And later rinse off it with cold water.

It will surely help you to treat dandruff. And see the results in a week.

  • Olive Oil

Olive oil is best to treat any hair problem. It is enriched with essential nutrients. You just need to apply it on your hair for 10 minutes before having a head shower. Even you can use it one day before at night, then it will be more useful.

These are some top home remedies to treat dandruff. These remedies show you result in just 15 days.

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