History Of Rajasthan: Land Of Royal Kings

History Of Rajasthan – Heritage Site Rajasthan is a famous land of kings. It makes curious everyone. Its history is so grand that it always fascinates people. There is no doubt it is a famous tourist destination as well. It is the most searched destination and has a special place in the heart of people. The stats are full of monuments, palaces, forts, haveli, secret tales, warrior places, historical sites. It is a magnificent land that you can’t ignore.

Move forward and have a glimpse on History Of Rajasthan

Historians study the place for several years to invent the deep routed truth about the place. They find several artifacts that claim this land belonged to the royal kings. It is not ruled by a single community or kin. Several rulers come and rule over it.   You must have heard the term Harappa civilization during your academic years. Here also some evidence states that Harappa people used to live at the banks of the river Saraswati and later abandon the place due to the adverse change of climatic conditions. As floods cause high damage to the state so place remained isolated for several years.

            Then tribal community Bhils and Meena come over here and get settled. Around 2,000 BC Aryans invade the place and rule over here. Later, the Aryan community followed by the Mauryan community. Due to the prime location attract many invaders and traders like Hunas, Arjunyas, Saka Satraps, and Yaudheyas, etc. In the fourth century, the Gupta dynasty came into rule. It ruled over this place for many years. It makes several works in order to develop a particular state. Like it constructed many temples of Lord Buddha and caves in the Jahalwar district. After some time, the Gupta dynasty squeezed after the long term rule and Gujara-pratiharas took over the land that belonged to Gupta dynasty kings.   

The medieval Period History Of Rajasthan solely belongs to the Rajputana culture

It is the period known by the name of Rajput kings. They develop the area to the next level. In the beginning, the unity among the Rajput clan was so strong that they work together for several years without any sort of mishappenings. They built a large number of forts, palaces, monuments, shrines, and forts. Even in contemporary time, you found most of the things in Rajasthan State that showcase the rich culture of Rajput. Half of the historical places belongs to the Rajput Clan. Later the Rajput Empire divided into thirty-six royal clans and twenty-one dynasties. But they don’t last for a long period.

Due to power break down, later Chauhan took control of Rajasthan but that also not able to rule for a very long period. Around 1192, Muslim sultanate defeats the Prithviraj Chauhan and invade the several parts of the Royal State.

And at last, the Mughal ruler Akbar uses the great strategy to have control over the famous place Mewar. He gets married to Rajput Princess Jodha Bai and signs the alliance with the Rajput rulers that transfer the control of Mewar state in the hands of the Mughal emperor. After some time Mughals took control over the entire state. Many famous battles take place like haldighati etc.

It is a brief history of Rajasthan. It is truly difficult to cover the entire page of history in a compact way.

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