How to talk fluently in English

Today we will discuss how can we talk flauntly in english.
So , mostly person are hesitating in talking fluently in English because “they think” they can’t .

Mark my words “they think“. That means if they not think that they can’t then definitely they can.
So , for talking fluently in English firstly we have to overcome our thinking that we can not talk in English , because its tough .

Remember the greatest scholar “Jagadguru Shankaracharya” said that “Nothing is impossible” .
And if we talks about modern time the Great “Nepolian Bonapart” also said ” The word ‘Impossible’ is not in my dictionary. “

So if we obey those great scholars we should definitely accept that we can fluently talk in English .
If we accept this that we can fluently talk in English we are accomplished the journey of talking fluently in English .
In this journey we should break the four milestones that are :

1. Listening
2. Reading
3. Thinking
4. Speaking

1. Listening –

We should start thinking how can we started talking fluently in our mother tongue , whatever it is no matter. We found after we born we are listening to our parents and other relative when they talk with each other in their language, we only listen approx two years and sudden we started talking in that language .

So ,we have to follow the same process we have to listen english first.
For this we should seen the english movies, serials and listen english as much as possible. By doing this we can increase our vocabulary.

2. Reading –

Reading is the best way for learning any language. When we read it’s always increase our vocabulary .And as much as our vocabulary will increase our confidence level of talking english were also increase commensurately.

So, for following this process we should start with the news paper reading , we should read english news paper everyday .
By reading english news paper we can get two benefits :

(i) The knowledge of “General Awareness” is increases which is very helpful for competitive exams.
And those who gave competitive exams they all know very well how much weightage of the general awareness to doing good score.

(ii) This will increase their vocabulary , they are learning new words , and the best part is they are learning those words which are popular in modern time.

3. Thinking –

The common nature all of us is that no matter how many languages we are knows, but when there is time of thinking we are 99 percent thinks in our mother tongue.

But we have to change the game when we are enough much listen and read the english words then we should started thinking in English by using those words and that words also which we are learnt in very recent.

This will not comes in practice one time or one day we have to thinks in english again and again, day by day our vocabulary will increase and we can’t stop ourselves for speaking and talking in English.

4. Speaking –

Now the final part and most interesting part of the segment for which we waiting for “Speaking”.

So when we did as much as Listen, Read, and Think then we do not have to force ourselves to speaking in English . We can speaking English as like we speak our mother tongue. Because we follow the same process for learning which we followed learning our mother tongue.

It is natural process of learning and talking fluently in English.
We have to just start talking in English without thinking this that we can’t or we don’t have knowledge “Just Speak ” and rock the floor.

Start speaking with that vocabulary which you currently have and as much as you connecting peoples and talking in english with them your vocabulary and confidence increasing synchronously and you will speaking fluently .

*Don’t think others if they making fun of you have any mistake in speaking learn by your mistake and think its okay that is not your mother tongue, if those person whoose mother tongue is actually English and those we have to tell talking in your mother tongue then definitely he faces the same conditions as like you. So , forget about them and focusing on your learning.

* Whenever you talk with anyone talk with full confidence and make the eye contact with them .

This will also help you in cracking the interviews.

News Reporter
My name is upendra.