INDIAN ADMINISTRATIVE SERVICE, the full form of IAS. IAS is the best government job to date. It has the most difficult preparation, an aspirant needs to do. The job is only applicable only in India.

IAS officers work in administrative and leadership roles in the central or state government of India. This job is perceived as the most prestigious and most important since it’s the IAS officer that creates or chart the path for the country. They help in framing the governmental policies which have direct as well as indirect impact on people, and the organization of our nation and even for the world.

In the beginning, at the central level, an IAS officer begins as Under Secretary. From here, the officer goes to the deputy secretary to the director to the joint secretary to the additional secretary and finally at last to the secretary’s post.

There come many different positions under the IAS officer which eventually increases according to his experience and work year by year. To become an IAS officer, one has to pass Civil Services Exams conducted in three different stages, namely, preliminary then mains and at last interview. The exam is extremely competitive because five lakh candidates appear for exams but only eight hundred candidates are selected. The students are disqualified from the exam after each exam. The aspirants can take the exam after they complete their graduation. Graduates from various disciplines can become IAS officers. So if you aspire to become an IAS officer, study the subjects that interest you in class 11 and 12 and also in graduation so that later you can enjoy learning. There is no particular stream or subjects you need to choose in classes 11 and 12 or in graduation.

The IAS officer job is extremely respectful and as the job is important so does are its challenges. State-level IAS officers can get posted in small towns and are frequently transferred from one town to another. But, an officer will surely enjoy living in different places. It requires working in government bureaucracy. People believe that the government bureaucracy does not operate too efficiently. It can even be frustrating to work under government if you are someone who likes his actions translated into results quickly. Finally, Government jobs are not as financially rewarding as jobs with similar responsibilities and importance in private organizations. The senior-most IAS officers have a salary of fifty- six thousand and a hundred rupees. Although there are many more advantages for them like they get a government car, house, free transportation, a cookhouse garden, and many more. But one most important thing that they receive is RESPECT!

So, if the above truth about jobs doesn’t discourage you, and you are still passionate about the job, and contribute directly to the development to the country, you should surely go ahead and plan to be an IAS officer. Remember one thing; you are looking to build a brilliant and excellent academic record due to jib’s preparation. The entrance is extremely tough and competitive and only the academically excellent make it through due to their hard work!

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