Ooty Worth Visiting – Travel is something that helps you explore new places. Whether you want to get relaxed in the lap of nature from a busy schedule or to explore some beautiful destinations, traveling is really a great way. Many of us heard about the popular hill station in southern India. yes, I am talking about Ooty. Have you ever been there ?? Most of us have some common queries about what’s there in Ooty ?? Is Ooty worth visiting?

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So I am here to resolve all your queries regarding this particular place.
So be ready for a digital tour to the beautiful hill station.
Ooty, known as the queen of heels, is located in the Tamil Nadu state of southern India. It is a very popular hill station, and also served as the East India Company headquarters during the 18th century. Covered up with elevated Nilgiri hills and the awe-inspiring beauty of lush greenery the place serves as a perfect summer destination.

What makes ooty worth visiting?

The eye-catching beauty of Nilgiri hills covered by lush green forest and aromatic tea gardens is what makes Ooty worth visiting. Along with its simplicity the peaceful environment, picturesque location, beautiful lakes, outpouring waterfalls serves as the best sightseeing locations. Every third Indian chooses Ooty or Shimla for their honeymoon trip. But if you are a nature lover seeking peace and wanna get rid of that humid climate in summer this place is perfect. The place can be covered up within a trip of 2 days.

Things To Do At Ooty

Many of you have queries about how to make your trip a memorable experience.
• One can enjoy shopping in the markets of Ooty, both local bazaars and shops are there. The Tibetan market is also the best option if you’re looking for some sort of traditional winter stuff.
• you can also enjoy trekking and camping activities. You can enjoy the ride of a miniature toy train around the Nilgiri hills which is such an amazing thing to experience. You can have a 360° view of the beautiful mountains and the shimmering lakes.
• you can enjoy mouth-watering cuisines. It’s a heaven for momo lovers, there are many eatery places in Ooty that serves a variety of steamed momo along with many other varieties of food. Ooty is the place where you can have the best quality delightful meals. You will surely enjoy your meals there.

Is there snowfall in ooty?

Many of you have heard about the hill station as a place of snowfall due to its cold climate. Meanwhile, Ooty doesn’t have snowfall because it is located at a high altitude. The weather is extremely cold so you won’t regret visiting there. Beat the summer heat and have a visit to Ooty.

Nearby Places For Exploration Of Ooty

A trip to Ooty is incomplete without visiting these particular places. So let’s see what does Ooty has to offer you?

• you can watch out for the shimmering beauty of lakes. There are many lakes in Ooty to explore including, Avalanche lake, Ooty lakes, Emerald lake. You can enjoy boating here in the crystal clear lakes. Perfect location for photography as well.

• Ooty Rose Garden – Ooty rose garden is one of the most recommended places to visit. The garden has a 20,000 variety of roses. Serves as a beautiful picturesque location.it will take 2-3 hours to explore the whole garden area.

• Ooty toy train – Ooty toy train is part of the Nilgiri mountain railway. you can enjoy the historical tour on this miniature toy train. The breathtaking beauty of Nilgiri hills and the awe-inspiring beauty of lush greenery by a toy train is truly a great experience.

• you can enjoy walking through landscapes of aromatic tea gardens. Doddabeta peak, Deer park, Ooty botanical garden, Mudumalai national park are some other locations that serve the taste of nature lovers. There you can find a wide species of animals and plants.

• Pykara and kalhatty waterfalls are some other best sightseeing locations to enjoy a picnic or a personal date with your partner. The beauty of untouched hill station nature, the shimmering waterfalls soothes your mind.

• Needle rock viewpoint – As the name suggests the place offers a 360° view of the whole area. Shaped like a needle, It also serves as a trekking location. You will surely be adorned by the beauty of this place.

• Tody house, wax world, Ooty stone house are the other locations where you can visit. Ooty stone house is one of the oldest bungalows built in the 19th century that’s why it’s a popular place to visit. These places don’t have much to offer but have a visit if you are interested and on a long weekend trip to Ooty.

How to reach Ooty?

Via airport ( Coimbatore airport is the nearest airport to Ooty)
Via railway ( Mettupalayam, is the nearest railway station)

I hope you got all your answers, Ooty is worth visiting if you’re a nature lover, experience seeker, don’t wanna rush into any other crowded hills stations. You can prefer Ooty for your family and personal visit. You will surely be going to enjoy it there a lot. Above mentioned locations are nearby places which will take you 1-2 hours to reach so must visit there. Some people ask about the safety of the place, yes Ooty is a safer place to visit. I hope your trip will be a memorable one and don’t forget to share your experience with us.

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