Young Ones of Animals and Birds

Animals Young Ones Animals Young Ones
Goat Kid Hare Leveret
Wolf Cub Tiger Cub
Stag Fawn Sheep Lamb
Ram Lamb Lion Whelp/Cub
Leopard Cub Horse Colt/Filly/Foal
Hen Chicken/Chick Frog Tadpole
Fox Cub Dog Puppy
Deer Fawn Cow Calf
Cat Kitten Bear Cub
Duck Duckling Fish Minnow
Goose Gosling Swan Cygnet
Camel Foal Ant/Bee Grub
Butterfly Caterpillar Cockroach Nymph
Eagle Eaglet Pig Pigling
Housefly Maggot Mosquito Larva
Owl Owlet Salmon Parr
Trout Fry Ass Foal

Special Meaning of the Names of Animals

A Vixen A Corrupt Woman
A Viper A Wicked Man
A Duck A Simple man
A Fox A Cunning fellow
A Goose A Fool
A Gull To be easily be fooled
A Scorpion A Flatterer
A Phoenix A Noble man
A Pig A Glutton
A Parrot One who crams
A lamb An Innocent man
A Monkey One who imitates
A Dog A Nasty Man
A Puppy A Nasty man
A Hound/ Cur A Nasty Man

Places to live in

Tiger Lair Spider Web
Sheep Pen Rabbit Burrow
Pigeon Dovecote/Cage Owl Tree/Barn
Mouse Hole Fowl Coop
Dog Kennel Cow Shed
Bird Nest Bee Hive
Soldiers Barrack Nun Convent/Nursery
Monk Monastery Lunatic Asylum
King Palace Convict Prison
Arab Dowar Eskimo Igloo
Gypsy Caravan Hermit Hermitage
Knight Manson Lumberman Logcabin
Nobleman Castle Parson Parsonage
Peasant Cottage Priest Prestytery
Prisoner Jail/cell Swiss Chalet
Vagrant Pavement Horse Stable
Lion Den Pig Sty
Squirrel Drey Wasp Nest
Wild Animals Den/lair    

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