Mysterious Places In India

Mysterious Places in India – India as we all heard off countries of miracles, mysteries, and wonders. Have you ever got to hear of those mysterious stories if you haven’t? let just get ready to have a digital trip to the top 5 mysterious places in India.
Here is the list of the top 5 most mysterious places in India and their attention-grabbing stories.

Best 5 most mysterious places in India – That Will Blow Up Your Mind

  1. The magnetic hill of Leh. ( Leh Ladakh)
  2. The lake of skeletons Chamoli ( Uttrakhand)
  3. The floating bridge of Rameshwaram(Tamil Nadu)
  4. The village that vanishes overnight (Kuladhara, Rajasthan)
  5. The crawling village (sheptal, Maharashtra)

The magnetic hill of Leh( Leh Ladakh)

The magnetic hill of Ladakh is not just known for its beauty but much more than that. Located at leh Srinagar highway the place attracts the people who love adventourous trips. Let’s talk about the mystery of the place. It is said that the road going uphill attracts vehicles yet if you turned off the engine it still moves and covers up a distance around 15-20km per hour. It is said that it’s all due to the magnetic force from the hill. But if you found it really amazing then must visit and experience the magnetic powers.

The lake of skeletons ( Chamoli, Uttrakhand)

It is also called roopkund lake or glacier lake situated in Uttrakhand. Located in the godly place like the Himalayas the place covers up more attention towards it. The place is all around covered up with mountains and glaciers with no inhabitants. The place itself is a scary one as it is said about the place that hundreds of skeletons can be seen through the frozen lake. And you can see more clearly in summers when the ice melts.

It seems unusual and horrific!

Some nearby villagers told that the skeletons were of the Japanese soldiers who were died in world war 2 while crossing the borders.

The floating bridge of Rameshwaram ( Tamil Nadu)

The place itself has a special significance in Hindu mythology. As it was the place where Hindu God Rama built a bridge all the way to Sri Lanka to get her wife Sita back to Ayodhya. It is mysterious because the bridge is built by the stones inscribed with (Shri Ram) floating on the water without any support.
Unbelievable Nah
you must visit there to check it out.

The Abandoned village of kuldhara(Rajasthan)

Kuldhara a village located in Jaisalmer district of Rajasthan gain its popularity through the old beliefs and the ghostly stories that were told by the people.
It is said that the village once was very prosperous and happiness was all the way there. The village was inhabited by Paliwal brahmin. But the villagers were harassed by the ruler and they had no other way to save themselves so they left the village overnight. The villagers bhramins not only cursed the king but also the village that one could never get able to settles in the village.
Since then the village turned out to be a haunted place and remains a mystery in itself with different stories.

The creepy village shetpal (Maharashtra)

Meanwhile in India snake were worshipped over centuries as the incarnation of Lord Shiva. It’s a widespread religious practice all over India.
But what if I said that there is a place where snake are treated as family members.

There is a place in Maharashtra called shetpal where people have established the custom to have cobras in their houses. And the strange thing is that nobody had ever died of a snake bite. It shows that the snakes are pretty friendly with the villagers.

Doesn’t it blow up your mind? If yes then I will recommend having a visit to these top five mysterious places in India. And get much more to know about them. I hope Haunted Places also amused you.

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