North Sentinel Island Long back History

North Sentinel Island – The word “tribe” is used in the context of a group of people who remain untouched to Modern Civilisation. There are thousands of tribes among 70 countries in the world. Including one of the most dangerous tribes of sentinel island which is also called North sentinel island.

The sentinel island is a small island of 59.67km² located in the area of Bay of Bengal, India. The island is patrolled by the Indian navy. It is said to be the house of native people who lives in isolation and doesn’t own any contact with the outside world. They remain completely alienated to the outside world. Surviving in their own little island in the chain of Andamanese tribal groups. Nobody is allowed to enter the island and its illegal to travel the island in the range of 9.26km.

The Andaman and Nicobar Islands protection of aboriginal tribes Act. 1956 prohibits any movement in the sentinel island region. India has completely banned the entry of its citizens to the isolated land of Sentinelese or to have any involuntary contact with them.

About North sentinels Island people?

The people of the sentinel’s tribe are very hazardous ones. sentiles are very well known for their violence and reluctance t to communicate with the outer world. They oppose the entry of the inhabitants into their own small world and kill them if anyone tries to do so. Their language is still unknown as nobody can understand their language but some of them can communicate without any language. Their population is estimated at around 200 individuals.

Discovery of North Sentinel island

In the late 17th century, an official British Indian company discovers the Sentinelese tribes. He surveys the island with the group of his friends. He writes ” we found some abandoned huts but there were no sentinel tribal people. Suddenly we encounter an elderly couple with four children. We took them to port Blair as a part of scientific research. But after a few days, the elderly couple dies and we could not able to do any research on them. The four children then took back with a lot of gifts for them and then the British government announced the complete isolation of the Sentinelese tribe.

A Report by an Indian anthropologist Trilokanth pandit.

In 1967, TV pandit along with the group of his 7 friends went for a research project of sentinel island. He remarked in his report, about his visit to Sentinelese island. He describes how the tribal people live in huts facing one another. They build narrow canoes from which they harvest fish and crabs. They are completely a tribal community depends on hunting and eats wild fruits and sea animals.

Sentinelese carry bows and arrows which they used to protect themselves and for hunting purpose. Sentinelese remain unclothed and wear large bead necklace and a belt around their waist. Women wear fiber strings on their chests and heads. They had no other material in their houses rather than a few pots. Only men community uses bows and arrows.

Few key points reported

1. The Sentinelese survived the 2004 Indian ocean earthquake.
2. In Jan 2006, two fishermen fishing illegally in the prohibited area were killed by the sentinels’ tribe.
3. In Nov 2018, Allen john who was an evangelist, form the US illegally visited the island to preach Christianity was also found buried in the sand.

These reports have clearly showcased, how harsh the sentinels are. They don’t like interrupted by the inhabitants.

Sentinels’ tribe is said to be one of the most dangerous tribes in the world. In 1990, some of the pilots flying over the islands reported people around a bonfire were singing and dancing but their language is still unidentified.

Sentinels as the stone age people

The native people or we can say the people of the fourth world. Sentinels tribe was said to be the stone age people. They don’t even know how to make fire and probably depend on lightning strikes. But a report by TV pandit clarified this statement. He admitted that the native people are not really unknown by the outer world they also use iron knives which they collected from sunk boats. They also had families and children’s some pregnant women were spotted over there.

Do planes fly across sentinels island?

A few flights of the ministry of defense flees across the island. But domestic flights are not allowed because the people start attacking them by throwing arrows and bows.

In 2006 the chief commandant coast guard officer Praveen Gaur shares his personal experience. When he is flying his chopper across the island to rescue the body of two fishermen that were killed by the tribal people. He explained that the tribal people start attacking us with bows and arrows up to the height of 100 m. It was a terrible experience for him. The tribal people of Sentinelese were completely the most isolated people who refuse any contact with the outer world. The tribal has no idea about modern civilization and remains completely alienated till now.

In 1956, the Indian government declared North sentinel island as a tribal reserve and prohibited the entry of outsiders into their region.

The place remains untouched and unknown to a large population so that’s why I choose to write about it. I found this topic as an interesting and knowledgeable one. I hope you also enjoyed reading it do share your views with us regarding this.

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