Most Important Rule of Tenses and Questions Words in English and Hindi

Also, There are most popular Question Words in English and Hindi for General English  Speaking, writing and Competitive Exam Such as SSC, Bank, Railway to upcoming Exam.

  • Always start a sentence with a Subject.
  • Yesterday, Tomorrow can be used in the beginning as well as the end of the sentences.
  • Occasionally, Never, always, Still, Already should be used often the subject and it auxiliary is given it is used often the auxiliary.
  • These days, nowadays are always used at the beginning of the sentence.
  • In the morning, Evening, Afternoon, at night, midnight, should be used at the end and its time is given. We first use the time the morning, evening etc.
  • Everyone, Everybody, No one, nobody, is always used as a singular subject.

Question Words in English and Hindi

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Question Word
Why, Whence क्यों, किस कारण से, किस लिये
When, as कब, जब, उस समय, किस समय, जब कि
Where, Whither, Where-abouts, (How, Whence, Where) जहां, कहां, किस जगह, किधर, जिस जगह, जहाँ,
Who, Which कौन
Whom किसको, किसे, जिसे, जिसको
To Whom किसको
Whose, Whereof किसका, जिसका, जिस किसी का
How किस तरह
How many (Countable) कितने
How Much(Uncountable) कितना
How many Times कितनी समय
How often कितनी बार
Since When कब से
What क्या
Which, if, What, Who कौन कौन से, जो, कौन सा, कौन,
How far कितनी दूर, कितना दूर
How Long कितना लंबा
Why Don’t क्यों नहीं
What for, Wherefore, किस लिए, किस उद्देश्य से, किस कारण
How old कितना पुराना
How come ऐसा कैसे
How New कितना नया
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