Tobacco smoking is one of the most hazardous activities a human does. Nearly 50% of tobacco users die of smoking! WHO has already quoted that nearly 8 million people are killed by smoking. However, among them, over 7 million deaths are due to direct tobacco smoke consumption (according to a study conducted by Global Burden of Disease in 2017), and over 1 million people die because they are exposed to second-hand smoke consumption. It has become one of the world’s largest health problems. According to stats, in the 20th century, over 100 million people died because of smoking and most of them belonged to rich countries. There are already estimations about 1 billion deaths in this century because the consumption of tobacco smoke has rapidly increased in poor and developing countries now. Thus, smoking is a big burning problem.


Nearly 20% of the total smokers are adults around the world. However, talking about how many people of the total population of a country are addicted to smoke then there are some terrific stats. Some countries have 40%+ smokers of their total population. They are:

  • Kiribati having 47%
  • Montenegro over 46%
  • Timor over 43%
  • Greece over 43%
  • Nauru over 40%

Russia, Indonesia, Bosnia, Herzegovina, Chile, and Serbia make it to the top ten with 38% to 40% smokers of total populations.


NICOTINE REPLACEMENT THERAPY: Whenever people quit smoking, the human body lacks the supply of nicotine which gives headaches, consumes our energy or can affect our mood. This temps people to smoke again so in this case, Nicotine replacement therapy can help. Nicotine lozenges, gums, and patches can be taken by smokers when they feel to smoke.

SPEAK TO YOUR LOVED ONES: If one is in the quit-smoking process then he/ she should tell their family, friends, and closed ones about it. They will help in keeping you away from smoking and will encourage you in your mission to quit smoke. You can talk to a behavioural counsellor that will help you to identify and stick to strategies to quit smoking.

KEEP YOURSELF MOTIVATED: To be successful in quitting of smoke, you need a strong motivation to stick to the mission. Motivation, may it be from any source, will always encourage you to not smoke even if you are alone. It can be any reason like to prevent your family member exposure to second-hand smoke, or to look younger, or to lower the chances of heart disease, lung cancer, etc.

AVOID ALCOHOL AND OTHER LIGHT-UP: When one consumes alcohol there are more chances that you smoke also and thus can’t stick to your ‘not to smoke mission’. Similarly if one likes to smoke while having tea or after having a meal, one should take other alternatives so that they can avoid taking cigarettes.

KEEP TRYING: It is very common that people fail to quit smoking all of a sudden but one should still not feel low or discourage. It’s ok if you light up a cigarette although you tried to avoid it you should never get demotivated by it and start from that point itself to not smoke again.

CHALLENGE TO YOUR MATES: If any known person with you also tries to quit smoking, you should challenge each other. You can challenge them to see how long among you both can live without smoking. This way you remain under observation, feel motivated, and thus eventually do better with yourself.

SET REWARDS: When you quit smoking, you eventually start saving money. You can use that money in rewarding yourself like anything you need but you didn’t buy because of other expenses or you can spend some quality time with your family in a hotel, etc. with that money. One reward which you naturally get is better health.

GET AN ALTERNATIVE FOR RELAXATION: According to a survey, most of the people smoke to get relaxed. It happens because nicotine helps in relaxing and once you quit smoking, you need a new way to relax. There are many alternatives one can choose like they can exercise daily, listen to their favourite music whenever in stress, socialize themselves, make time for a hobby, etc. One should surely avoid stressful conditions during the first 15 days when they begin implementing their idea to quit smoking.

TIME IS ALWAYS WITH YOU: When one quits smoking, he/ she immediately starts getting health benefits. Within 20 minutes, our heart rate gets normal. It takes only a day for blood’s carbon monoxide level to fall back to normal. In two-three weeks, the chances of getting a heart attack start decreasing, etc.


The addiction to smoking is very bad. A lot of people have already lost their lives and a lot more will if they don’t control their addiction towards smoking. Many people think if government try to stop the manufacture of tobacco cigarettes then this problem can be overcome on a large scale but it is not so simple because the manufacture of tobacco cigarettes can take place anywhere and it doesn’t require any big factory. However, WHO has prohibited advertisements of tobacco smoking and takes strict actions against any sort of encouragement by anybody. The above-stated ways are very useful if one really wants to quit smoking. Many people across the globe have used above stated measures and were successful in quitting smoking. There is no addiction which can’t be finished by a human being. If you have a strong will, determination and clear goal in your mind to stop smoking then one must opt for above-stated methods.

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