In today’s scenario, everyone wants to be successful and have a healthy life i.e. good health, good physique, good knowledge, healthy relationship, and so on. Every youth wants to be financially independent because they want to live their life their own way, do whatever they want, whenever they want, with whom so ever they want. 

To achieve your life goals, you are constantly putting efforts to achieve your dreams but unfortunately, most of you don’t put your efforts in the right fields. 

The above line sounds very cunning and makes frustrating right?
But let me tell you today, you can achieve your dreams faster than you think. It might take time but one thing is extremely very important. It is a SUCCESS MANTRA. Curious to know about it? Right? So let me tell you:



Elon Mask’s very famous saying is that he taught himself Physics and rocket science simply by read books! A lot of books!
Bill Gates everyone knows how rich he is! In a New York interview, he said “I read as many as 50 books a year!”
Mark Cuban spends almost 3 hours of his day reading!
Once someone asked Warren Buffet about his success. He just simply pointed to a book rack and said,“

Read 500 pages like this every day. That’s how knowledge works. It builds up, like compound interest. All of you can do it, but I guarantee not many of you will.”

Interestingly, if you go through the life of CEOs worldwide, you’ll come to know on an average they read 1 book in a week.
That’s all successful people know that if they get the right book to read then they will get a good positive natural flow in life.


Thomas Corley says that rich people read for self-improvement, education, and success whereas others(annual income with $35000 or less) just read to be entertained. That’s the difference between successful people and other common people.
According to Thomas Corley, author of the book Rich Habits: The Daily Success Habits of Wealthy Individuals, he found that successful people are highly selective about what types of books they read.

Now the question arises why do they do so?
Because successful people see books as a gateway to knowledge. Consequently, they read books to improve their lives and grow their minds! Now if you read it carefully, you will realize that if you are not learning anything of value, then don’t expect to get changes in life. It is all your subconscious mind which works according to what you think! Think can be changed only through reading and watching!
If you are a 9-5 job person and after coming home you read any storybooks like GOOSEBUMPS or HARRY POTTER then it won’t work and to be honest you should not read-only because they are just for entertainment not for life lessons!

They are many books which I would like to suggest to you:

  • The Power of Subconscious Mind- Joseph MurphyAttitude is Everything- Jeff Keller
  • The 5 a.m. Club- Robin Sharma
  • I Will Teach You To Be Rich- George Clason
  • The Happiness Equation- Neil Pasricha

They are endless books! You just need to pick the right category. Just go read them and you will love reading them.


1) Begin reading with 30 pages of the book: 

To make reading a habit begin reading with 30 pages of a book a day and when it becomes easy for you to read so then increase the number of pages by 20 per day again by 20 per day and so on. Soon after a month when you get comfortable with reading start making tasks to complete a book in fix days.

2) Use multiple media:

When you plan to read a book but struggle on paper reading then go for audiobooks! Yes, 30% of the population prefers audiobooks. But I’ll suggest you go with both until you find paper books comfortable.

3) Design your environment:

What if you want to consume fruits daily but forget to eat? You will start putting fruits on the kitchen counter so that you can get them in front of your eyes and then it gets easy for you to consume it!
Now if you want to read books you need to set up your environment!
a) Remove distractions around you like a laptop, mobile phone, noise, etc.
b) Make your books easily available by keeping them at correct positions or taking them to places where you go and read whenever you get a chance.

4) Read books you love:

Always read books that you like to read. It will be time-consuming. If you don’t enjoy reading any book then don’t read it. It will simply waste your time as you will force yourself to read it and won’t learn anything. 
It’s always better to read books that are sincere of your interest and such books will only help you learn and grow!
If a reading feels you like a chore, then you’re not doing yourself any favor.

5) Avoid reading in bed:

If you try to read or do some work on your bed then you won’t be able to focus well or concentrate fully. It will make you lazy and instead of reading, you’ll sleep. It would be better if you prefer reading on a study table or coffee shop or a reading chair.


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It was my hobby to write which pushed me to be a content writer. It has been for 2 years that I am doing work as a content writer and many blogs. People loving my articles is something that gives me the courage to write more and more! Writing and reading are something that I am passionate about!