Top Secrets Of Amarnath Cave

Secrets Of Amarnath Cave – Amarnath is the famous pilgrimage in the chapters of Hindu dharma. The people who are great worshippers of Bholenath wish to its sacred place once in a life. Lord shiva considered one of the main divine gods in Hindu dharma. And Amarnath is one of the famous tourist spots and people from foreign countries also love to visit this heaven place. People believe that after paying a visit to this sacred place, all the wishes come true.

Although people know about the history of Amarnath Divine place. But there are some secrets of Amarnath cave that very few people know. So, today I will share some secrets of Amarnath Cave which should know.

Take a step forwards let’s have an eye on the top secrets of Amarnath Cave.

  • The Hindu pilgrimage place Amarnath is situated amidst the Himalayan ranges. And these ranges are about 145 km far away from Kashmir’s Srinagar.
  • There are two major paths to reach Amarnath first one is to go through the Pahalgam and the second one is sonmarg baltal.
  • According to the Hindu calendar, most people plan to begin their tour from the month of Ashad Purnima to the saavan. At the end of the trip, there is one ritual that takes place and its name is “Mubarak rasam”.
  • The shivling which is situated inside the Amarnath cave is popularly called “Amersham”. According to historians this divine place is first discovered by the famous Rishi Bhrgu. And from that point of time it’s become the epicenter of Lord Shiva. And people from across the world start visiting this earth heaven.
  • There are some famous stories behind this divine place like Lord Shiva had done austerities for many years here. And he had also told Parvati the immortal story or we can say that he preached to be immortal.
  • The circumference of the Amarnath cave is about 150 feet. Drops of ice water fall inside the cave from the Himalayan Mountains and a 10 feet Shivalinga is formed from these waters which looks like a miracle. And this Shivling forms only in the center of the Amarnath cave. Otherwise the same water drops fall everywhere.
  • The height of Shivalinga increases with the himling Chandra technic. And Chandra falls short with the himling Chandra technic and eventually disappears completely.
  • The pilgrimage to Amarnath Cave has been taking place since Mahabharata and Buddhist times. Evidence of the journey still exists in the book “‘Rajatarangini Tarang II” written by Kalhan before BC. Even the foreign writer Lawrence in his book “Valley of Kashmir” mentions the man Mattan who used to guide people about the Amarnath Yatra. Later this responsibility was handled by Malik.
  • In the 14th century due to the foreign invasion, a pilgrimage to Amarnath has stopped for about three thousand years.
  • Some Shiva devotees believe that when Lord Shiva was telling Parvati about the secrets of immortality, two pigeons were also present at that time and he heard this story and still they are present at this place.

These are the top secrets of Amarnath Cave. Keep worshipping Lord Shiva.

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