Best Study Tips: To Become Topper

Study Tips and techniques – There are many students who want to study but unable to focus for a long time. It is a fact that when you study under pressure you will not able to focus for a longer time.  If you like and enjoy a particular thing then you never need external methods or force to be focused. But Like class X and XII students have different problems. As they are well aware that they need to study hard in order to become a topper in a class. There are various platforms that share study tips and techniques and claim that they work effectively. But when you follow them practically they don’t work out effectively.

So after doing a lot of research I find out that they all are giving study tips but do not really focus on the psychic of the student. I can very well understand the mental state of students as I have studied a lot on it. So on the basis of it. Today I am going to share with you some effective study tips and techniques that help you score good marks not in board exams but in any competitive exam.

Here are the best study tips and techniques

  • Positive Affirmations

Positive Affirmations make your belief system strong. Because it is very essential that whenever you sit to study your mental state should be positive. If you are thinking negatively then you will not able to focus on your studies and get blocked in the vicious circle of thought process. So every morning read 10 positive affirmations in a loud voice and if you study before sitting for study then it will be more beneficial.   

  • White Noise Music

Music is considered as the best therapy ever.  I hope you have observed that it doesn’t matter whether you are happy or sad. You listen to music in every mood. White Noise music is concentration music. It blocks the external noise that distracts you from the study. And keeps you focused for a longer time. So play it while you study,

  • J Curve Technique

It is one of the best study techniques. J does not stand for sitting posture. But it stands for your study timetable. Make a list of your subject and rank them according to their difficulty score. In the beginning always start with the hard subject because that time your energy level is so high that time you can handle that pressure very easily. After that medium subject. And when your energy level starts dropping.  Choose your favorite and easy one subject it will refresh your mind and boost energy.

  • Make Single Day Time Table

Do not make a time table for a whole week. Make a new time table every day. Because it is very common that no one has an idea that what happens tomorrow. And if you create a time table for a month or week in one day. Then it can make you face disappointment or stress due to incompletion of the task. Therefore, we suggest you make a time table for a single day. It will keep you focused and helps you score good marks.

Follow these simple study tips and techniques and become topper this year. Good luck and stay focused.  

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