Top five Himalayan treks for the winter season to have fun

The mountain trails in India enjoy exceptional beauty during the winter season. You have so much adventure and excitement that when you cross a winter stream, winter grass, and snow on a winter hike, you are excited to see a side of nature!

Spring is a time when nature shows its colorful side, while winter shows its playful side. Winter is the year when snow-capped peaks attract hikers from all over the world to visit the Himalayas from time to time. Most excursions to the Himalayas are open to the public between May and October, but Uttarakhand, Ladakh, Himachal, and Sikkim have some walking options to choose from all year round. If you are looking for a hiking adventure this winter, here is a detailed list of the 15 best winters in India that promise the perfect package of excitement, adventure, and unforgettable holiday experiences.

Here is the list of top five Himalayan Treks to have fun in 2021

Chadar Trek

The experience of Chadar Trek is surreal in a nutshell, but the journey is rich in its own elements. Fascinating scenery, sensitive temperatures, fascinating walks, as well as the simplicity of the Zanskari people and the adaptation and acceptance of the most fascinating challenges.

Har Ki Dun

Har Ki Dun praised the trekkers who toured the Himalayas in summer and winter. Rich in a variety of flora and fauna, this snow-capped mountain range offers breathtaking views. The fare hike from Sakri to Osala includes different plants, animals, plants, etc. This price hike is unforgettable. The sunrise view is probably one of the most beautiful sunrises you can see. You should also pitch a tent by the river or in the middle of a valley and watch the billions of stars every night.

Nag Tibba Trek

Nag Tibba’s tour attracts Hindu adventurers, naturalists, and devotees from different corners of the world. Locals usually come here to have a darshan of Nag Devata (Nag Devta) to protect the village. Shikhar tour starts from Pantwari. The sparkling ride is known for its natural beauty on display here. Starting from Dehradun, the tour passes through hidden destinations like Pantwari, Nagtibba, and Devalasari and eventually ends at Thatyatur. From Thayur village, drains from nearby peaks like Swargohini (6,252 m) and Nandadevi (7,816 m) can be seen.

Snow Leopard Trek

The track itself is interesting. It is part of the Hems National Park, which is 3, 00 to 100 meters high for 2 crosses. Hummus National Park is a wildlife state that preserves the beauty of nature. Located in the Himalayas, the most endangered species on this scale is the breed.

There were Tibetan heights, rams along the coast, blue sheep and Eurasian red bears, and many other mountains that were en route. There are also many different breeds of birds and crops.

Siang Valley Track

Another Himalayan trek is Siang Valley. We have already talked about the most popular Treks in India, but if you haven’t traveled to Siang Valley in Arunachal Pradesh then craving trekking is worthless. From the original river and desert bridges to the road experience and great camping, it’s all in Siang. Experience bird watching, sunset, camping talk, campfire, and the sound of silence.

These are the top Himalayan Treks that everyone should visit once in life.

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