What is Case in Grammar? Definition of  Case

What is Case in Grammar: The Relation in which a noun stands in some other words, or the change of the form by which this relation is indicated, is the called case.

Kinds of Case

  • Nominative Case: A Noun or Pronoun that functions subject of a verb is placed in Nominative Case.

In below Examples:

Dinkar wrote many poems in Hindi.

The Red Fort is a famous building.

He has gone to Mumbai.

Therefore, In This Sentence Dinkar, The Red Fort, He  वाक्य में  Wrote, is, has, gone, के Subject (सब्जेक्ट) का काम करते है, so, अत: ये  Nominative Case नोमिनाटीवे केस में है, क्योकि ‘Subject’ Nominative Case सब्जेक्ट नोमिनाटीवे केस में रहता है।

What is the Definition of Objective Case?

  • Objective Case: A Noun or Pronoun that functions as Object of a Verb is placed in Objective Case.


He helped Priyanka

You teach her.

Also, Priyanka, her का प्रयोग Helped, Teach के Object रूप में हुआ है, अत: ये Objective Case ऑब्जेक्टिव केस में है, क्योकि ‘Object’ Objective Case में रहता है।

What is The Definition of Possessive Case?

  • Possessive Case: When a Noun shows its relation with or possession on another noun is in Possessive Case.

Examples of Possessive Case:

This is Mohan’s book.

These are the legs of the table.

She is his wife.

So, In Above Sentences ऊपर दिए गए Sentence सेंटेंस में Mohan’s, The legs of, His से सम्बन्ध या अधिकार के भाव का बोध होता है, अत: ये सभी Possessive Case में है।

  • Vocative Case: If a Noun is called As:


Come Here, Mukesh.

Are you going, brother?

Therefore, ऊपर दिए गए Sentence में Mukesh तथा Brother का प्रयोग सम्बोधन के रूप में हुआ हैं, अत: ये Vocative Case वोकेटिव केस में हैं।

This is most important for Examination Pattern एग्जामिनेशन पैटर्न के आधार पर ऐसा पाया गया हैं, कि Possessive Case से सम्बंधित प्रश्न पूछे जाते हैं।

So, अत: हमलोग अब खास रूप से Possessive Case का अध्धयन करेंगे।

Possessive case को जानने से पहले हमलोग Case Table केस टेबल के बारे में जाने तो ज्यादा बेहतर होगा।

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Case Table

Nominative Objective Possessive Case Reflexive Pronouns
Case Case Poss.Adj. Poss.Pro  
I Me My Mine Myself
We Us Our Ours Ourselves
You You Your Yours Yourself(s)
He Him His His Himself
She Her Her Hers Herself
It It Its X Itself
They Them Their Theirs Themselves
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