In today’s scenario whenever a child starts to prepare for engineering/medical exams after class 12th, the first questions that come to everyone’s mind are, WHEN TO BEGIN WITH PREPARATION?

Today’s coaching institution, have proposed study programs that begin since class 6, 7, or 8 i.e. before 5-6 years! At such a tender age, is it all right to begin coaching for them which eventually spoils their weekends? They begin preparing for competitive examinations 5-6 years back. The correct point of view shows that this practice is totally robbing a child’s precious childhood which can, sometimes, result in serious implications in later life. Parents fail to understand that they, during primary schooling need to take care only basics and logics on which the studies of a particular topic or subject are based on a student which is passed by different government boards.


Now, if we talk about when to begin preparing for engineering/medical examinations which are to be given after completing higher secondary education, most of the people including students, in a survey said class 9. There’s always a saying,

“The sooner, the better.”

But this proverb still has a limit in this case. The ideal time to start preparing for these tests should consider ample time to gasp all topics, theorems, and concepts mentioned.

When students are in class 9, they get mature enough to realize their own interests and abilities based on which they can start preparing. Moreover, the schooling councils too provide certain topics and concepts that are a part of these competitive examinations.


  • One will be better oriented with the future course that one has to study.
  • Helps in improving fundamentals which makes studying those concepts study easy and in detail.
  • When studying in class 9, a student can depict whether to opt mathematics or biology via which he can decide to give NEET or JEE exam.
  • It gives you enough time to work on finer aspects of the toughest questions.
  • Students get ample time for revision.

Thus, a student should the ideal time to begin preparation is when he enters class 9. The key to clear examination still lies to get the concepts crystal-clear in their minds and practice a great number of questions with all sorts of variations. 

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