You should stop eating junk foods

This time people very like to eat junk foods like pastries, momos, pizza, and burgers, noodles, chili potatoes.


We all love momos, but did you know that they are harmful to our health? These round soft dough balls are filled with juicy veg or non-veg stuffing have and are served with spicy dip chutneys. They are the delight of all street food lovers. But momos are dangerous for health and can cause long-term damages to the body. Here are 8 reasons why you should not eat momos unless you are absolutely sure about their quality.


Pizza is one of the world’s most popular junk foods. Most pizza crust is made with refined wheat flour and has little to no nutritional value whatsoever and most commercial pizzas are made with unhealthy ingredients, including the highly refined dough and heavily processed meat. Pizza also tends to be extremely high in calories. Most commercial bread is unhealthy if eaten in large amounts, as they’re made from refined wheat, which is low in fiber and essential nutrients and may lead to rapid spikes in blood sugar

Pastries and cakes

Most pastries, cookies, and cakes are unhealthy if eaten in excess. Packaged versions are generally made with refined sugar, refined wheat flour, and added fats. Shortening, which may be high in unhealthy Tran’s fats, is sometimes added.
These treats might be tasty, but they have almost no essential nutrients, copious calories, and many preservatives.

Potato chips and French fries

Whole, white potatoes are very healthy. However, the same cannot be said of French fries and potato chips. These foods are very high in calories, and it’s easy to eat excessive amounts. Several studies link French fries and potato chips to weight gain.
These foods may also contain large amounts of acrylamides, which are carcinogenic substances that form when potatoes are fried, baked, or roasted


The burger is also a harmful junk food if you eat it every day. Because the bread in it is very soft and it tastes good therefore because some chemicals are used in making it, in large quantities such as yeast.

Noodles Or Cowmin

If you consume noodles or coumarin in your daily routine, then it can be harmful to your health even if you eat this, then pay attention that the cowmin or noodles you are eating are not of Maida. It would be better if you eat noodles made of flour and you use your homemade spices in them.

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