The world-famous Tantra festival of Rishikesh (World Yoga capital) has been organized this year from 11th of March this year (arrival) till 17th of March (departure). The Tantra festival will be celebrated at Nirvana River Resort in Rishikesh to give the people complete enjoyment of the beauty of nature. People are very enthusiastic about this festival as it gives complete peace to your soul, enhances your physical and spiritual growth, and also helps you to make a stronger relationship with your partner. It is very favorable for the people who want a nonchalant surrounding.

Each year, many people pre-book their slot for this festival by paying advance money for this festival, and not only people of India are part of it but also people from different countries come here to enjoy complete peace and pure happiness. The price of the Tantra festival booking is Rs 40,000 (single) and Rs 60,000 (couple). Fifty percent of the total fees need to be submitted while booking slot whereas the rest fifty percent on arrival at the resort (Note: The fees are non-refundable).


Tantra is basically a Sanskrit derived word in which ‘tan’ means ‘to expand’ or ‘to weave’. Tantra is also termed as ‘Yoga of Jubilance’ as it is a weaving together of yoga practices and spiritual styles and teachings.

In the fees mentioned above, things included are accommodation, foodstuff (breakfast, lunch, dinner, and evening tea). The visitors are even picked up near the Lakshman Jhula area.

The festival is celebrated every year which includes meditation, music, dance, Tantra activities, workshops as well as a couple dance as its last event for the festival participants.


Apart from the fest, people can explore enjoy gorgeous places of Rishikesh like Lakshman Jhula, Ganga Aarti, Bungee Jumping, historic Neelkanth Mahadev temple.

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